Toys, toys, and more toys…

Even though we’ve made several trips to Goodwill in the recent past, it seems as though our house is full to the brim with toys.  TOYS!  And, I have to admit that the kids do use them.  Mostly the ones that happen to be on the TOP of the pile inside the box at the time.  Nothing that a good floor-covering play session won’t cure, though.  

 It seems like the kids are always so surprised when I tell them to pick up their mess, though.  It’s like, “What?  You actually expect us to WORK? Are you crazy, lady?”  Well, I think I am, but that’s beside the point. 

Kae is funny.  She’ll quietly get things out – mostly the things that haven’t been out for a long time.  She’s my digger.  And, she’ll play and play and pretend and pretend, then when it’s time to pick up, she does.  HER stuff.  Only.  And, that’s fine.  I’m cool with that.  I mean, if I were to be, say, cleaning up the kitchen including dishes that, say only I dirtied, and then happily went about my day, the kitchen would be 25% clean.  (More accurately, .00001% clean.  I use the LEAST amount of dishes in the house, but I digress.) Oh wait.  That philosophy doesn’t work in real life.  BUT, I guess in the grand scheme of “kid” world, that rule applies. 

Noelle and Cal are my obnoxious, bratty, argumentative older, wiser kids, who feel that EVERYONE should pick up the mess.  Or, if you’re M1, you say, “I think I only touched this toy, Mom.”  Riiiiiiggggghhhhht.  And I only had one cup of coffee this morning.  (That is my goal, though.  I’m getting there. If only I could stop brewing so much of the darned, tempting dark stuff.)

 SO, I had to get hard-core with my interference during pick-up time today.  (I’ve done this before, but today I meant it.) Says me – in my best “teacher voice” (that my husband hates), “Ok, you three, I’m setting this timer for 5 minutes. 5.  When it beeps, all the toys that you don’t want thrown away will be put in their right spots.  GO!”  The kids were like wild animals.  They hurried and scurried, and worked together like beavers building a dam.  It worked!  They got all (but one of Sally’s rope toys – to which Kae promptly retrieved the trash can to pitch) picked up. Yea!  It worked!  To which, I, of course, couldn’t just be happy with.  I had to bore them with my tired and worn out trusty speech of how ‘when we play, we should just get out one thing.  When we’re done with that one thing, we put it away.’  Oh, nice try, Mom. 

It’s just that I think we need to further reduce the actual volume of toys that is accumulating in the house.  What’s funny is that we -the parents – have not bought….well ANY of it.  It’s all gifts. And hand-me-downs.  And, we thank you all for them.  Very much.  We’re just sharing the wealth with the good folks who shop at Goodwill.  And, just to ease your minds and souls, they’re mostly baby toys that we’re weeding out.  Toddler toys max.  And a bunch of Happy Meal toys.  And it feels soooo good to get rid of it. Really.  Really.  Good.

Kae was playing so, so quietly in Noelle’s room just a bit ago.  Immediately, I became suspicious.  You’ll remember the nail polish incident of last year, I’m sure. As though reading my mind, she came padding into the room to see what I was doing (email), and asked me if I could help her with “one little thing”.  When I asked her what it was, she said that she couldn’t get the eyes to stick.  After some further probing, I figured out that she had dug the Cootie game out from under Noelle’s bed.  I asked her if she was playing games in Noelle’s room, and she slyly said that yes, she was.  I asked her if Noelle’s room was a mess, to which she replied, “Ummmm.  Not, quitely.  But almost.”  😉

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