Hazy Head

This is day 9 of feeling like a steamroller is stuck inside of my head trying to escape. 

I’m guessing this feeling is mainly due to the lack of sleep.  Perhaps it’s from the yucky cold that I have – complete with relentless coughing.  But, I have a feeling that it’s all of this negativity that is floating my way – crowding up my aura.  If I were Phoebe from Friends, I would pick all of these nasty little things out of my aura, and then I would feel clean again.

I kid you not, this is probably the worst I’ve felt in years.  Honestly, it’s not anything that was unexpected, but all of this sadness and anger and guilt headed our way (from parties unmentioned) is making me feel as if I’m buried beneath it.  I appreciate all of you who are throwing me shovels.  🙂

Hubby resigned yesterday.  I guess that didn’t go too well.  I haven’t told Cal’s parents yet.  I haven’t a clue when I will.  The girls don’t know.  I guess a time will present itself for all of those things to happen.  Although, now that we’ve braved the torture that is telling the in laws about it, I can’t say as anything could be much worse. 

Bring it on!  We’re ready for it! 

 My hazy head, full of its own congested fluid, Antibiotics and DayQuil can’t take any more, so anything directed at it will just bounce right off.

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