Knock, Knock

Kae still hasn’t gotten the concept of knock knock jokes down yet.  She’s close, but not quite there. 

She gets the whole “knock, knock”, “who’s there?” concept.


Me upstairs folding clothes.

Kae and Cal downstairs playing.

Kae:  Hey Cal!  Knock, knock…

Cal: Who’s there?

Kae: Banana

Cal: Banana who?

Kae: Knock, knock.

Cal: Who’s there?

Kae: Banana.

Cal: Banana who?

Kae: Um. Knock, knock.

Me: *thinking* whoa, she might pull it off this time…

Cal: Who’s there?

Kae: Um. ORANGE!

Cal: Uh….orange who?  (We’ve been down this path before.  Cal is so patient with her, though.)

Kae: Uhh…….KNOCK, KNOCK!

Cal: *sigh* Who’s there?

Kae: *long pause*……..Silly dancing bananas!!!  ha ha ha ha!  Get it, Cal?!  ha ha!

She cracks herself up. 

Me: Laughing to myself upstairs.  I guess it IS funny.  At least, it made me smile.  Isn’t that the job of a good Knock, knock joke?


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