I don’t know where she gets it!

Today, Kae decided to dress up to go to “work”. 

She put on her ballerina costume – sparkly shoes, black leotard with skirt – donned her Minnie Mouse purse on one arm, then came to me for help with what she was slingling on her other arm.

It was a baby stuffed into her briefcase. 


I guess that’s how business ballerina’s of the future carry around their young.  Poor things. 

Anyways, she needed help with the zipper, because “…It just keeps getting STUCK!”  Small wonder. 

So, with her lumpy briefcase, her Minnie Mouse purse, and her business attire, she headed off to work. 

Oh, did I mention that work was being a top chef?  Watch out, Emeril, you’ve got nothing on my little girl.  Oh no. 

She had her entire room filled with every kitchen gadget, food product, and container that she owns. 

She was busy, busy – adding and mixing and creating.  I could hear her talking to herself from my vantage point in the hallway. 

*I absolutely love watching the girls pretend play when they don’t know that I’m watching.  Some pretty precious stuff happens in those moments.*

“Does this taste good?  *slurp* Yep!  It does!  Good, good.”  And on it went. 

She was a little worker bee. 

And then when she was done, she cleaned it ALL up.  Every piece.  Every spatula, fake slice of pizza, dish, fork and knife (that DON’T cut you, Mommy). 

I don’t know where she gets it.

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