Not MY daughter

So, Noelle got her first phone call from a friend today.

Sort of.  She’s of course talked to family, and she has on a rare occasion talked to Cal.  I’m not counting that, though, since he’s practically family.

But today, Kammie’s mom called to say that Kammie wanted to call someone, and that it was going to be Noelle.

Noelle was thrilled at this notion, but I have to tell you.  She needs some practice.

Their conversation went something like this:

Noelle: Hello?

Kammie: Hi M1!  What are you doing?

Noelle: Um, watching TV.  *Long pause.  Looks at me for some direction.  Shrugs shoulders.*  Um.  What are you doing?

Kammie: Trying to play with my boring sister, but she’s playing with cars.

Noelle: Oh.  Long pause.  Wanna talk to my mom? *Looks at me with determined expectancy.*

Me: Whispering – She’s your friend, Noelle, talk to her!

Noelle: *Looks at me with disgust and annoyance.  How old is she again? 13?  Oh no, wait.  I’ve still got 7  more years until that little jewel strikes.  It’s hard to tell sometimes, though.*

Finally~ Noelle: Well, does your mom want to talk to my mom?

Kammie: Sure!

Noelle: Ok, see you tomorrow!

Kammie: Ok!  Bye!

And then Kammie’s mom and I chat and laugh about how old we feel.

The end

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  1. Just showed this to Kammie! She loved it! She laughed and laughed. I was trying to explain blogging to her and now she understands and wants to read more. I wonder if they have blogs for kids! Ha imagine what that would be like!
    Thanks for sharing!

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