Take my house – please

Since the “in” thing seems to be moving/relocating, we decided to jump on the bandwagon. 

Ha!  Right.

Most of you who know me know that we are, indeed moving soon, though. 


Our house has been on the market since September. 

We’ve had several showings. 

We’ve also had several moments of bliss when we thought we had some interest in the place. 

Sadly, our bliss has always been soured.

Either the interested party has had a change of heart. *

*Read:  Another house suddenly decided to kick our house out of the running, and take the #1 spot in the interested buyer’s hearts and deciding minds.


Or, there’s been a family crisis, financial problems, you name it.  Whatever can prevent someone from actually purchasing our house so that we can finally move.

Derek has been apart from us since starting his new job in September.

Sure, he comes home on the weekends, and sometimes during the week, but is it really the same?  Nope.  It is not the same. 

We miss the good old days of Daddy being home. 

We (the kids) miss having decent meals. 

I become, shall we say, lazy with the cooking when it’s just us.  Why?  Not sure.  I just do.  But, when Daddy is home?  Fuh-get about it.  It’s a full spread then!  Complete with candles and full table linens and decor. 

Sometimes, I think that all of this makes us appreciate our time together a little more.

I know that the girls (and the dog) sure are happy when Daddy does finally walk through the door.

And, Hubby and I take special measures to ensure that our time together is well-spent. 

It’s just that I know what’s lying ahead of me. 

The pain-in-the-rearness that is moving. 

The house showings.  Sure.  They suck you know what.  But, we’re handling them.

Having a husband out of the house 90% of the time does seem to keep things around here a little neater. 

But, moving?  pbth.  I hate it.

The scary moving comanies.

The shopping for a new house that meets everyone’s needs.  (Though, I must admit that is a little fun – when you’re not in a hurry.)

The shutting off and resetting up of utilities as well as changing addresses with all important mail receivers and senders.

I could go on and on about the suckiness that is moving.  I know you all know, though.  At least many of you do.

Let’s just say that I AM ready for this whole charade to be over with soon, though. 

I, like many of you out there, dread the phone calls that are sure to be a house showing setup.  Ugh.  They are never welcome. 

BUT, if they might mean that the people could maybe, possibly be interested, and that our bliss could maybe, possibly bloom again…

Then it’s all worth it.

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