So, in an effort to make our home more appealing to potential buyers, our realtor suggested that we “stage” our dining room to seem to be a dining room. 


Who would’ve thought?  heh.

So, we bit the bullet, and decided to clear out all of the clutter. 

Toys, toys, and yes, more toys got shifted to the girls’ rooms, the spare room, even the basement.  All in the interest of making our dining room seem to be a dining room.

Futons were returned to their original owner – actually, it just got moved to another house for storage purposes, but whatever.  Minor detail. 

It’s the heck out of our DINING room.

Chairs and shelves were relocated to various other parts of the house, so that they could do their cluttering there. 

I must say that I like where everything ended up, and everything’s much better now than it ever was. 

Why did we wait so long to do this again? 

Sometimes we just need a little fire under our butts, I suppose.

AND, may I just say that I do so enjoy the great deals that we (read: Hubby) got on everything. 

The table: clearance at Sears

The chairs: also, clearance at Sears, but with a little more work.  They were out of stock EVERYWHERE!!!! 

Who in the bloody h.e.double hocky sticks buys a table with no chairs?!? 

I guess if you don’t like the chairs that accompony the table, then I can see why one would do that.  These chairs are nice, though!  They’re sturdy.  They match.  What’s not to like?

I like them.

I also like the rug: clearance at Menards

And the set of china: clearance at Kohls (purchased many moons ago for Hubby to take to his apartment, but he never did, so here they are.  😉  )

 AND, the mini fridge that used to be in our kitchen, but is now in our dining room – clearance at Target.  Good old, Tar-zhay.  Will I be close to one when I move?  Oh, I do hope so.

So, the fridge.  I like it there.  It sort of looks like we might have a wine cooler or something.  Alas, we just store our buh….SODA in there.

Alrighty then!  Enough talk!

Drumroll, please!



cluttered, no?




I do.

The only thing that we’re still not crazy about is the chandelier.  We’re still looking for one (yep. on clearance) that better suits our decor.


Hopefully this will do it.  We’ll sell our house now, right?  RIGHT?!



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