Big girl stuff

So, apparently, turning 4 has allowed Kae to do some things that she hasn’t been able to do before.

  • Lifting heavy objects.  She is now super-human, and can lift things to help me out around the house.  Gallons of milk, laundry baskets, buckets of dog food.  You name it.  If it’s heavy, she can lift it now……because she’s 4.
  • Holding doors.  Oh, the door holding.  It used to be a big thing to run up and push the handicap -accessible buttons and run in ahead of us.  NOW, however, actually pulling the door open with her own super-human stregnth is all the rave.  Because she’s 4 now, and she can do that.  (She actually needs to hear us oooh and aaaaah over said super-human stregnth as we go in ahead of her, or it just doesn’t count.)
  • Getting fun sicknesses like strep.  Yep.  Strep.  She had her 4 year checkup yesterday.  Upon arriving with a fever and throwing up in the waiting room, we thought it might be pretty grown up to have a strep test (and a flu test, just for fun).  Flu-negative.  Strep-positive. 




Never fear, though!  Surely, being 4 now (along with having super-human abilities) will allow our dear Kae to bounce right back. 


Sure enough.  This morning – after a mere 2 doses of antibiotics, she is back to her lively self. 


We’re sure lucky she’s 4!!!!


4 year old cake





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  1. […] is so sweet, that morning smell and warmth that permeates my baby girl “big girl” 4 year old  girl’s entire being when she first wakes up, and cuddles in my lap.  I just […]

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