Haiku Friday – Frustrated

Haiku Friday 

Had an offer last week

Now it is gone with the wind

Why can’t we just move?


So, I feel very guilty for complaining that we can’t sell our house, when I know there are so many other people out there with similar (or much worse) problems.  I just get so sad and frustrated when we get this close to having things fall into place, and we just can’t get it to happen.


Last week, we had a couple come through and look at our house – twice.  They brought the whole family with them the second time.  We thought this was promising.

We thought it was even more promising when our agent called us an hour after the showing to let us know that their agent said to expect an offer the next day. 


We’ve had several days since that day, and no offer. 

Yesterday, we got a phone call that the couple was “taking a break” from the whole thing. 


WTH?  What does THAT mean? 


We’ve had so many hints at possible offers, and they never follow through. 

We’re just frustrated and confused and in limbo, I guess. 

Waiting for something to happen, so we’re not dealing with Daddy being gone (or on the road) all the time .  It’s really taking its toll on him. 

Maybe this is a sign that we are supposed to wait for Noelle to finish first grade here at her school that she loves.  And for us to find an even better house at our new destination.

We can only continue to  pray and play the waiting game. 

Not sure what else to do…

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  1. it is an awful market right now. i hope things happen for you soon.

  2. Oh no! I was going to ask you about this tomorrow night. I’m so sorry…how frustrating.

    I looked online at our Alabama house and it’s still for sale. Thank goodness we took the buyout because the house is listed over $5000 less than they paid us for it.

  3. How depressing. Is renting out your current house and renting in the town you want to move to a possibility if the market doesn’t approve? It sounds like this is really taking a toll on your family. 😦

  4. IMprove. Not approve. Although I suppose the market is not “approving” of much these days either. Heh.

  5. I’m sorry. I have been there. The limbo stage of house selling is hell. Good luck.

  6. Hey, your situation is unique and separate from anything else, and it doesn’t matter if anyone else is having a rough time – you’re having one, too!

    We had to sell a house back when we moved to TN, and we literally had to move here before we could sell it, and we went through hell before we finally got a shortsale. So I feel your pain, and it truly sucks.

    But I know it will work out for you in the end. (I also know that it gets old hearing that, sorry!)

  7. […] With wishy washy people making lame offers on our house. […]

  8. […] am just so stinkin’ tired of this not-knowing-when-we’ll-move state of […]

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