Wishmaker, wishmaker, make me a wish

I got tagged for my first meme today from the wonderful Michelle over at Lede Me On . 


In this particular meme, you must think of a wish, and post it for all the internets to see.  Hmmm.

What to wish for?  What to wish for?

What SHOULD I wish for? 

Well, here’s what I should wish for… (and I do, of course)


Here’s what I’m really wishing for, though.

Materialistic, selfish, one-track-mind me (because it’s all about me-me).


So, I’m tagging you Jule (and anyone else who feels compelled to post a wish for all to see), to do the same.  Wish to your heart’s desire, then pass it on. 

Here’s the blank template ~


Oh, the fun we’ll have…

Michelle has asked that we link back to Linda at Are We There Yet?  Thanks!

So, if enough people read it, it’ll come true?  At least that’s what all the wish emails I’ve been receiving since the beginning of time have promised.

I’ll keep ya posted…



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  1. Hehe…the materialistic one sounds more like what we all would wish for!! We all want to be better people…but do we ‘waste’ the wish on that? *lol* I’d wish for the camera I’ve been lusting after 😉

  2. Thanks for tagging me, I just added it. ( I’m horrible at linking, or else I would! Sorry!)
    May your wish be granted!

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