Playing catch-up

Ok, so it’s only been 5 days since our internet decided to (unexpectedly) crap out on us, but can I just say that it feels like it’s been 5 years?

I guess this was my little test to see how I’d do while I’m without connection to the outside world for an extended amount of time when we move. 

I’m not looking forward to it.   One little bit.

I’ve missed all of you!!! 

I’ve missed reading all of the funny stories. 

All the (very relate-able) trials and tribulations that you’ve all been experiencing!!

I’ve been lost without you!  Boo hoooo!!!!! *slobber*

Whew.  Ok.  Back to business.

So, a “skilled technician” came out to see what “seems to be the problem” today – TUESDAY (since of course, they were booked until the time slot of 8-never today ).

He couldn’t figure it out. 

And he tried for a long time.

I thought for sure I’d be doomed for another undisclosed period of time without my obsession.

My obsession that is checking email.

Checking on all of you.

Checking to see if the bills have been taken out of the account on the correct date, so as not to accrue any late fees.

Checking to see when to sign Noelle up for various activities.

Checking on story times at the Library for Kae.

Checking out some books at the Library.

Checking the houses out in “New Town”.

Checking the weather.

Checking the news.

Checking my sanity.

But, I was to be saved.

They sent another even MORE “skilled technician” to fix our broken down escape pod computer.

He figured it out fairly quickly. 

(He even stayed focused through my pacing the room like an expectant father.)


What did I do before we had internet? 

And I REALLY can’t imagine what I would have done if I were internet & cable-less!!!

*gasp!*  Read?  Clean? Give the kids undivided attention? 

I guess I’ll find out soon enough!  (I hope.)

sidenote: I must say that the laundry has never been this kept up on.  The house has never stayed so clean for so long after an open house (this past Sunday).  And, the kids….Well, they play pretty good by themselves, but I will have to say that it worked out great that this is Noelle’s week to see how many extra minutes she can read in a week.  We’ve been rocking that!

Back to my obsessive compulsive email checking & blog reading business!

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  1. I freak out when I’m forced off-line too. Makes me think I need a week (at least) vacation from it all to regain my sanity!

  2. M1 and M2! ha!
    It’s amazing how much time and effort it takes to ‘do’ e-mail and correspondence.
    We become obsessed, I agree. It’s a whole new addiction. Do you need help, Mandy?
    I might. We could be doing worse, right? So glad you’re back!
    Do you remember that SNL skit with Jimmy Falon, he was thee radio personality, after a three second break he’d yell, “And we’re baack!!”

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