Haiku Friday – Cheese it ~ the cops!!

Haiku Friday
Back out of the drive
Glance in my rear-view mirror
Oh crap, not again!
OK, people.  I have some questions.  Here they are – in no particular order – bullet form.
  • Why does it seem like the times I am in a huge hurry, the cops are out in full force?
  • Why does it seem like they are always “just finished” pulling someone else over, and pull out directly behind me – tailing me for the entirety of my trip?
  • Why do they appear to be intimidating me (and enjoying it)?
  • Why do I suddenly feel the urge to place my hands at 10 and 2 and obsessively check my mirrors?
  • Why does this always seem to happen when I am sporting the un-showered, un-combed, un-(teeth)brushed, un-makeup…ed look?
  • And why, for the love of God, do my kids feel the need to rubberneck and stare at said cop, making me seem all the more guilty?  (Because I’m sure this one has nothing to do with me cussing and saying, “Not another @#$)* cop!” heh.)

Does this only happen to me???  Surely some of you have dealt with this?

I am a very safe driver – I am – and I follow 99.9% of all traffic laws.  I do speed (just a wee bit) when I’m in a hurry, or when I don’t pay close attention.  But, I’m a conscientious driver, I’d say.  Especially now that I have kids as passengers most of the time.

I just always seem to feel immediate guilt (and usually show said guilt by jerking my foot off the accelerator) whenever I spot a cop anywhere in my driving vicinity.

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  1. when i have a police officer behind me i’m always certain their out to get me. and i work super hard at following any and all road rules. the relief when they finally turn away is amazing!

  2. Ah, The Man. You are authority-whipped, that’s all there is to it! 🙂

  3. OH man… I am attracted to those guys too! I have to be so careful.

  4. I am a terrible driver. Rather, I am a terrible driver in Indianapolis. I am an AWESOME big-city-driver. Just a tad too aggressive for central Indiana… So I am very familiar with the jerk-the-foot-off-the-accelarator move. Very familiar.

  5. I think they seem to find all of us. And, when you fight the law? The law wins.

  6. Ha!! You’re an I are eerily alike!

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