Haiku Friday – Oh Yes, it’s Ladies Night – with one exception

Haiku Friday


Bossy does Indy

What an incredible treat

meeting more bloggers


Not on the road trip

“officially”, anyway,

but thrilled all the same


Such awesome people

with heartfelt stories to tell

Some happy, some sad


All glad to be there

sharing laughter, line dancing,

and karaoke


No inhibitions

Enjoy a glass of spirit

cherish adult time


Last night, I was soooo excited to join some of the Indy area bloggers in celebrating Bossy’s stop through Hossier territory.

I still feel so new to this whole blogging thing, so I wasn’t even expecting to be included in such tremendous-ness.  Of course, I’d heard of Bossy.  I’ve even been reading her for awhile now.  It’s just that when you read some of the people that you read, it’s almost like they’re not real.  Ya know?  Like, you’re just reading about some far away person leading this far away, amazing life.  But last night, I was part of it. 

Unexpectedly.  But fortunately.  Willingly.  Gleefully.  🙂  What a blast!

I must say that I felt so honored to be part of such a remarkable group of gals (and guy) 🙂

What a terrific time chatting with a couple of the girls whom I’d met before, and getting to meet some awesome new ones.  Well, new to me.  But, according to my web stats, I’m still so new, they’re removing the bubble wrap.  tee hee! 

Oh, I do so enjoy my I’m-a-real-person-and-not-just-a-mommy-or-babysitter-time to the fullest possible extent.

Thanks for the memories, ladies!  (and gent!) 

It really was a blast!


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  1. yahoo!!!! 🙂 It was lovley to meet you! Can’t wait to dive into yr blog this weekend! xo

  2. It was awesome to meet you, too! I’m glad you found me, because I couldn’t find your blog, either! 🙂


  3. sounds like a blast!

  4. I hope to see you again without all the trauma and drama!! Great to meet you!

  5. Glad you could join us…it was a blast!!!

    Great meeting you 🙂

  6. Sounds like lots o’ fun! Indy is awesome anyway.

  7. Bossy was happy
    ordering some onion rings
    and being with friends.

  8. WHEE.

  9. Sounds like everybody had a blast. Indy rocks.

  10. It was fun, wasn’t it! Sorry I’m over a week late commenting about this!

    I hated that I had to leave when I did, wish I could have stayed longer.

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