Time Out

Hello, my dear internet friends!

How have you all been doing?

Oh, I can see by your blogs that you’ve all been very busy.

Me?  Well, let’s see.

I got slapped on my little hand and sent to my room to think.

Yes, ma’am, I did. 

You see, we *coughmyhusbandcough* paid our cable bill late this month.

It seems that when you do that, they do this little thing where they take away one of the main things that keeps me sane temporarily put your internet on “lock down mode”.  I know that it is called this, because when I called them to see what the hell was going on inquire about the OH so unusual *snort* issue of my internet not connecting, they informed me of that particular phrase. 


This conversation went something like this:


Mandy:  Hi there.  I was just curious as to why my internet is not connecting. Today.


Crapcast representative:  Sure, I can help you out with that.  Can I get just your name, address, phone number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, birth certificates of your children both blood related and/or adopted, pets’ names, mortgage statement, pay stub, and your current weight for verification purposes?


Mandy:  Umm.  Sure.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and blah.


CR: HMMMooookaaaayyy, let’s see what seems to be the problem here. 

*Long pause*

Oh Kaaaay.  It looks like your service has been placed on what’s called “lock down mode” for some reason…… Can I ask your name again, please?


Mandy:  Um, Mandy Lastname.  Why?


CR:  Well, it looks here like your husband is the only name on the account.  Can you tell me his name for verification purposes? 


Mandy:  Um, sure.  Husband’s name.


CR:  Well, unfortunately, I don’t think I’m able to let you know the actual reason why you have indeed been placed on lockdown, but if you’d like to have your husband give us a call, we can straighten this out.  Now, can I transfer you to a survey that we’re having all the suckers who are forced to call us our members participate with? 


Mandy:  I guess.  Thanks.  Immediately calling husband….


Hubby: Hello?


Mandy:  Did you not pay the Crapcast bill this month?


Hubby:  Oh, can you do that for me?  I forgot I was gonna do that before I came back up here.


Mandy:  Sure.  But you need to call them and get my name on the account, because I just felt like a toddler being reprimanded. 


Hubby:  Laughing.  Ok.  I don’t actually have time for that right now, but I’ll see what I can do.


Mandy:  Seriously.  Do it.



SO, off I go in search of this paper bill.  I find it, buried beneath some of the other bills (and/or statements). 


*side note*  We normally do our bill paying online – which, to my husband’s credit, is why the bill was late this month.  We usually have it come out of our online account….BUT, since we had the switchover from our beloved Insight to Crapcast…..Well, you can figure out the rest.) 



Mandy:  after trip to the post office – Hi hon!  I got the bill sent out.


Hubby:  You did it online, right?


Mandy:  No, I don’t have the account set up yet, so I figured it would be ok to just send it snail mail.


Hubby:  Oh, because that bill was actually a late notice.  I’ve been getting phone calls that if we don’t pay it immediately that they’d disconnect us. 


Mandy:  silence. 


Hubby:  Why didn’t you pay it online?


Mandy:  silence.  Thinking about what it would mean if they disconnected us.  Thinking about running back to the post office to see if I could fish out the bill from the huge, metal bin.  Thinking about how I was so utterly amazed that Hubby hadn’t said anything to me about it being late.   Stewing about why the actual DUE DATE was not printed on the bill, lest I would NOT have sent it snail mail!  Grrrrrr.


Hubby:  Mandy?


Mandy:  Ok.  We’ll just have to deal with it.  Click.


So, dear folks.  We have been dealing with it.  For a week and a half. 

I should clarify that by saying I have been dealing with it.  Hubby goes to work every day where they have internet.  He stays with my parents during the week where they have more than just local channels.  Thank goodness all of my must watch shows are all on local channels.  *whew!* 


The one redeeming quality about this past week is that it has been absolutely gorgeous weather. 

We’ve been living outside.  And it’s been wonderful.


So, yes.  I have missed you.  I have missed being in contact with my e-mailers and my commenters.  🙂


But, I can’t say as I would have traded this past week for anything.  


It is what it is.


And now?  I’m off to catch up with my bajillion and one awaiting e-mail messages. 

Ta ta!

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  1. Glad to have you back!
    Good luck with crapcast from here on out!
    Glad you have had enjoyable weather, too.
    Does M1 have summer-itis at school, or is that just for bigger kids?
    I know what you mean about enjoying the time away from the pc, though.
    With our email not working well I’ve been skating around the pond thinking about just quitting e-mail except for all the great forwards… snort!

  2. We uh, well, we borrow our internet. And um, one of our strongest providers moved last week so we may actually have to start paying for the priviledge. Bummer.

  3. Good luck catching up! I, for one, would die if I had to go a week without Internet. Seriously. You’d be burying me six feet under.

  4. Crapcast also treated me like a toddler when I called to order my loving husband the baseball package for his birthday. But I couldn’t. Because he forgot to pay the bill. So I felt like a stupid toddler who doesn’t have any money. It was awesome. They sure know how to treat people over there, don’t they?

  5. […] hubby set up the account, and didn’t tell me what it was, yet he expects me to pay the bill NOT late this time,  pay Crapcast bill, pay other random bills, call insurance (HATE), research plane tickets/ dates […]

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