Haiku Friday – as voiced by Ms. Judgy McJudgerson

Haiku Friday


 Jennifer’s “Judgy”

caused me to reflect on my

own Ms. Judgy ways



I just can’t help it

when moms bring their sick kids to

Chick-fil-A’s play house


And ask them after

several minutes of play time

“Do you still feel like…


…throwing up, honey?”

Excuse me, but my HEALTHY

(for now) kids have been


playing with yours in

tight quarters and have shared the

same recycled air!


I have to ask why

would you bring your vomiting

child to Chick-fil-A?


Not just for eating

but for adding more germs to

 the play area?


Seriously!  This forced

me to immediately

bathe the girls once home



Ok, so is it just me, or do you other “responsible” moms out there keep your sick children at HOME when they are contagious?  Or even if they aren’t contagious – because who knows?  Perhaps this little angel (*snort*  more on that later) was just having an allergic reaction to something and that caused his “tummy ache”.  Or maybe he just feels like that a lot, and it has nothing to do with the stomach flu and its related vomiting.  But maybe just for the peace of mind it might bring to the other mommies *ahemMEahem* when you utter phrases with “throwing up” in them.  Could you consider it?  Pretty please?  I’m a bit of a a germ-a-phobe as it is.


All I know is that after I heard those words uttered from her mouth, I immediately wanted to go snatch the girls out from that germ-infested indoor playground and douse them in disinfectant.   I mean, honestly?  I know that those things are so cringe-inducingly nasty with their hidden sicknesses.  Heck, every time we’ve EVER allowed the girls to play on the scary crazy-busy one at the mall, they’ve vomited within the next day or two.  It’s just the way it goes. 

But, the other day, I was feeling adventurous.  I decided that some good old Chick-fil-A play area time was just the ticket for a rainy day activity.  Since the girls were feeling a bit sad that they couldn’t continue their streak of playing outside/and/or at the park/playground with all the beautiful weather we’ve been experiencing.  We had a free kids meal, and I figured, “What the heck?  They’re getting a bath tonight.  We’re cool.” 

Then, I heard that jarring question.  My first thought was, “Are ya kidding me?”   I had JUST convinced myself that Chick-fil-A was perhaps a step above the scary mall play area with its many snotty-nosed darlings and sprinkling of teenaged gargantuans, running about like careless….gargantuans.  Perhaps since there were only a couple of other (seemingly) sweet and gentle children in this particular play area with mine, all was well and good.

WRONG, Mandy.  Shouldn’t you know that you’re always WRONG?!


*The little vomitous dear decided that since Mommy had asked him if his stomach was indeed hurting him, that he would take that opportunity to scream at the top of his lungs, and throw a ginormous fit about dear old Mom forgetting his ICE CREEEEEAAAAAM!!!!  To which the mommy replied, “Oh.  That’s right.  We WERE going to get ice cream.  Oh, there there, dear.  I’ll get you your ice cream.  Will that help you feel better?  It’s OK that you’re continuing your ear splitting shrieks.  We’ll get you that ice cream.  Yep.  Just keep on screaming like that.  No one is at all bothered that you are STILL screaming like that.”  *sigh*  There I go, getting all judgy again.  I know, I know.  Before any of you decide to badger me with horrible comments about what a horrible judgy person I am for not thinking of what this woman might be going through……I did.  I totally did.  It was just so dag burned hard to watch the whole thing play out.  And to be thinking the whole time about why oh why did she have to bring her barfing kid where I brought my NON-barfing kids? 


P.S.  KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!  BUT….. as of now, my girls are still fine.  Just a bit of a stuffy nose and cough, but that?  I can handle. 





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  1. Yay for judging…this was a well deserved tsk tsking!

  2. I hear you!
    It’s so common for adults to bring themselves out in public when the should be hooked up to an IV, let alone the once removed-can’t-feel-the-pain-of-my-kid. We’re up against a lot all the time. Pray for protection!

  3. i follow the if they’ve been sick in the previous 24 hours keep them home rule. and appreciate it greatly when the rest of the world does, too!

  4. And that is why I don’t go to those kind of places…my kids catch EVERYTHING and I am a spaz. I can’t handle the sick kids spreading the germies around….

  5. Great Haiku!! That is SO true! I always keep my kids home. I always wished that other parents would do the same, but it just doesn’t happen.

  6. Reminds me of my
    own feelings when kids arrived
    in my classroom sick!

    Seems as if ‘judgment’
    is a two-way street … What was
    that mother thinking?

    Wishing you a ‘healthy’ and Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday!
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. I agree with you 100%, Mandy. It’s wrong to take a child out and infect others. And, this woman was obviously a shitty mom, because if her kid is throwing up, milk (ice cream) is terrible for that..what a moron. Puking? Why do that to your kid? When you are throwing up, you want to be in bed. Not ChickFilA.

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  9. […] Infected playgrounds […]

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