Fact:  Sometimes moronic people are allowed to procreate.

Fact:  Sometimes those moronic people, now called parents, take their sick children out among the general public – infecting them.

Fact: Sometimes innocent bystanders infected by the spawn of the moronic parents will throw up all over their grandparents’ car on a Mothers Day trip an hour away from home, causing the grandparents to purchase new clothes and to deal with the aftermath.

Fact: The mother of those innocent bystanders will feel guilty upon learning this news, and will wonder all over again why oh why oh why?

I rest my case.

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  1. Ugh. It sucks that the moron spread their germs!!! Stupid morons.

    Hope the healing comes fast for all of you!! And no guilt on your part. YOU aren’t the moron!

  2. Ah, maaaaaan!

  3. Ah, but when do you allow the germy kids out and about again? I don’t take Pitter to the Children’s museum when he’s at the beginning of a cold/cough or anything like that, but when you need to go grocery shopping, you’ve just gotta go, right? (Don’t kill me!)

    Oh, your poor parents and kids! Yick.

  4. Oh dear.

    Fact: I can karate chop that stupid chick-fil-a lady if you want.

  5. […] vomiting in others’ car […]

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