Haiku Friday – bad medicine

Haiku Friday



Infected playgrounds

distribute their germs to kids

having fun on them


Sometimes the germs cause

vomiting in others’ car

prompting Mommy guilt


Other times they will

turn coughs and sniffles into

an ear infection


So, we all know that Kae had the misfortune of losing her lunch in my in-laws’ car last weekend.  😦 

Not cool.

Around the same time that we were dealing with the after-effects of that, I started noticing that Noelle was seeming a bit under the weather.  Nothing scary…just not her normal self.

Since she is usually my thrower-upper anytime a sickness of any kind manifests itself in her body, I was extremely shocked when that particular symptom didn’t rear its ugly head.  (Knocking on wood very hard)

Instead, she started complaining that her ear was really sore. 

In the spirit of condensing this long story, it turns out that she has an ear infection. 

Noelle is not one to get them regularly.  And, they are a big deal when she does get them. 

We are lucky that she rarely gets sick.  And that when she does, we don’t usually need to medicate. 

*read* she HATES medicine, and would rather suffer utterly and completely than to endure taking any kind of medication.  Which, I gotta say, is somewhat of a consolation to me.  Maybe I won’t have to worry so much when she gets to be a peer pressured teen?  I’m projecting/hoping, here.

So, when the doctor told me he was prescribing me the bottle of the good, old pink stuff to rid her of the infection, I thought, “Oh boy.  This oughta be a fun 10 days.” 

He informed me that he was giving me a little bit different one, though, and that this one would only be once a day for five days. 

Can I get an “AMEN!”?

I only have to be the Wicked Witch of the West for ONE more morning. 


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  1. You need to share the name of that drug so I can be sure to special request it. Twice a day for ten days ALWAYS leads to more screams than I think it’s worth. And, I’m not even counting the times the kid screams.

  2. Oh, YUCK! Sick kid followed by sick kid. Are you wearing garlic? You better not get sick, love.

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