Wordless Wednesday – Batter Down, BATTER DOWN!!!


“Wordless Wednesday” (except for a brief explaination)



While Noelle was waiting paitiently for the pitch, this happened…







(Those were the sounds of a ball clobbering full-speed into Noelle’s unsuspecting forefinger and thumb.)





battle wound

I guess all the tears and anxiety had oozed their way out prior to this deceiving smiley snapshot.

She didn’t bat for the remainder of the game. 

Oh, and she “*sniff* never *slobber* wants *snuffle* to *swallow* play *hiccup* AGAIN! *bawl*

I’ll keep ya posted.


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  1. Aww poor finger! I feel badly this happened to her. Hopefully she will decide to get right back in the game. As Peyton says, “Rub some dirt on it.” LOL! She probably wouldn’t appreciate that too much!

  2. Oh that looks painful!!! Poor thing!! I got clobbered in the face by a pop fly…never played again 😀

  3. Owie.
    Umm. Yeah. I’d have to agree with her, it can be a dangerous sport. Not one I favored for this very reason, besides everyone hating the person who’s ‘afraid of the ball’, while I like to call it a ‘healthy respect’, but, you know, to each their own. Hope it heals up quickly!

  4. The funny thing is, she used to be SO not afraid of the ball. She was the brave one – the awesome player.
    Last night, I think she was the most embarrassed by her initial reaction to it hitting her. She literally BAWLED her eyes out, while the game stopped, and blood was everywhere. While she was resting on my lap, gasping for air, she said that she didn’t want the girls to think she was a wimp. She got up a few minutes later and sat with her team. She even played third base. But no hitting. 🙂

    Oh, and Kristi, I never thought to tell her that, but – good one! 🙂

  5. Awww! Battle wounds! My dd got hit in the arm with a bat while playing catcher. Kept playing! She was a bit older, though. Had to be tough. Hope she bats again soon!

  6. Eeek!

    That’ll do it for ruining a sport forevah!

    My daughter got hit in the face with a soccer ball on the second practice- it hurt, scared her, etc. She played that season but if you ask her why she won’t play now? She says ’cause she got hit with the ball in the face….

    Hope she gets back on that horse…

  7. […] “When Daddy got hit with the softball at his game why didn’t his NOSE fall off?” – Noelle questioning her fingernail’s pending departure after its collision with a softball. […]

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