Wordless Wednesday – Fun in Ohio

Wordless Wednesday– ish

(I can never just keep my mouth shut fingers from typing out explanations.)

Noelle recently had to write a book (as a sort of culmination of all things learned in first grade), and her title happened to be “Fun in Ohio”.

She’s all aboutOhio.  So’s M2.  They adore Ohio.

My parents live there, and we don’t visit as much as we should terribly often.

So, when my brother informed us that he’d be having a little get-together of sorts for his college graduation (ish), we were all over it.

Here are some shots of our fun.


See?  I can swing too!

Who do you think taught Kae? 

tag along

 What?  It’s totally the safe way to make sure your baby isn’t forgotten.

M2 with \

Noelle with Minnie

                    I miss you open fields…*sniff*            

The Lone Swinger

And you, big trees.

Minnie through the eyes of M1

“Minnie” as seen through the eyes of Noelle.


Kae chillin’ on Gwamma B’s comfy lounger.  Another “THIS is what I’m talking about” moment, perhaps?

J\'s bubba keg

A “Bubba Keg” for Uncle J.  Who just happens to be turning 21 next week. 🙂

Fun in Ohio, indeed.

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  1. That looks great! I love that swing/swing set! I am begging my husband to do that to ours!

    Great photos!

    Try to solve the guessing game on my Wordless Wednesday!

  2. I love filling the ‘Bubba Kegs’ up with ice water and drinking out of them. Adorable pictures, by the way!

  3. Ohio? Really? I’ve been through it several times. I’m NOT all about it. But, it looks like the Bubba Keg might make it more desirable to visit.

  4. It’s such a tiny earth, I’m so glad to be able to share our pasts in Ohio. Being outside is where it’s at, come fog, drifting snow, crunchy brown leaves, mild green summer shade, or Spring’s first rays of warmth; they can make the soul’s mouth water. Yay, Ohio!

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