Haiku Friday – Tools rock


Torque wrenches are sweet

So are cordless drills and bits

Oh, and ratchets too


Almost organized

in my new Craftsman toolchest

Testosterone rules 


There, I’m done….

Wait.  Isn’t there a button I’m supposed to put here, too? 

HON!  Where’s the button?

I don’t see it!

No, I didn’t look back behind all your other posts where they always are!

Oh, wait.  Here it is.

Never mind!  Found it!

Haiku Friday


So, for those of you who might not be hip to the theme this week – I wrote as the opposite sex would write a post.  So, I pretty much imagined what my husband would do if it were up to him to be in charge of my Haiku Friday post. 

Actually, if he were in charge, he would let it die.  He could care less about it. 

*sniff*  Poor man.  Missing out on my brilliance.  *sniffsnortsniff*


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  1. Oh the tools. My nubby can’t get enough of them. Happy Friday!

  2. My husband just got one of those tool chests, too. Men. Wouldn’t they rather go to the spa?? (:

  3. Great job!

    Can’t decide what’s better, the ‘ku or after. 🙂

  4. Ha Ha that’s great! If it were my DH posting he write about Tivo’s or computers or something of the sort!
    Maybe one of these weeks I will try Haiku. Now that would be quite a laugh! : )

  5. It’s sad how the kiddo is already tool obsessed. He is set to become the next Bob Vila. My hubby? Not as handy as he thinks he is.

  6. How very, very true. My husband WORKS with his tools (he’s an auto tech) so he has a good excuse to buy them… good for him, not so good for me!

  7. That was awesome. I loved the part after where you said it would just die – my man’s not so much a blog post writing kind of guy.

  8. Ha! This week’s theme is really enjoyable…and this one’s another ‘Ku to read and enjoy!

  9. That was too funny! Especially how you added the part about his being too lazy to look for the button. LOl!!!

  10. I’d have to find the button for my husband, too…even if it were right under his nose.

  11. I like it when genders are so true to themselves.
    My Dad had one of these. I always thought (as a little girl) the drawers were too shallow to be functional. Like, you can barely fit a Barbie, ya know?

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