Doncha love it?

Mostly I’m happy.

Mostly I try to stay positive.

Mostly I am easy going.

(Hubby, if you’re reading this, please don’t fall out of your chair laughing.)


I’d like to consider myself a pretty understanding person.  One who tolerates a lot. 

Or one who tolerates a lot before getting REALLY upset.

Just for fun, and for example purposes ONLY, let’s say that if the following things were to possibly happen, I just might maybe possibly go over the deep end. 

Because it’s so there.  Just over the horizon.

Let’s say I go to a haircutting place.  (Which shall remain unnamed, because 1) I’m embarrassed that I continue to patron this place and 2) I’m too much of a wimp to point fingers at specific people and/or places.)

Say that this unnamed haircutting place completely screws up my hair.  As in completely ignores the picture I provided.  Completely ignores my very, very (almost elementary) requests.  Completely whacks inches (INCHES!) off.  AND completely ruins the look I was going for – creating a very unattractive, lopsided look, so that when I look in the mirror, I have to hold my head sideways for the sides to match?

This little incident caused me to cry all night about stupid hair, and what a stupid girl I am for having placed the stupid “beautician” in charge of my stupid head. 

*update* Today I suddenly grew a pair, and went in to request that it be fixed.  I was half hoping that the girl who cut it would be there, so that I could give her a piece of my mind, and perhaps yank my tip out of her undeserving hands.  However, neither of those things happened, since she was absent and unaccounted for upon our arrival.  And, the lady that I had fix me up tonight was well worth her tip.  I almost wanted to hug her for fixing me.  Though, I’m still a little forlorn for my lost months of growth that I had worked so hard on.  It’s just hair, though, right?  I’ll stop being a baby now.  Still…


Say, also, that every single weekend, I clean the house in anticipation of house showings.  I also look very much forward to seeing my husband, since this is the only time we see each other these days.

Say that perhaps we don’t catch any wind of any house showings, so we consider it safe for us to go about our Saturday and/or Sunday routine-O-fun.

Sure enough, as SOON as we begin our routine-O-fun, my caller id lights up with a showing request.

Welp.  Fun time’s over!  Time to head back home and prepare for the showing.  (Because no amount of pre-cleaning is going to resolve all the things that inevitably occur upon Hubby’s return home.)

Or if we already happen to BE at home – time to IMMEDIATELY STOP whatever it is we are doing –  i.e. extensively cleaning/organizing our garage.  Time to put everything haphazardly back to rights, so that our home is presentable to potential buyers.  Because we’re really getting desperate at this point.

This happens to us every. single. weekend!  I’m SO sick and tired of it!!!  I know that we’re trying to sell our house, but a weekend every now and again?  To enjoy?  Too much to ask???  Methinks not. 


Say, lastly, that Mandy decides to sit out and watch her girls play in the backyard. 

Relaxing, no?


Not when neighbor kids constantly hang all over our fence as soon as the patio door opens.  Not when they whine request to come inside (of our fenced yard).  Or help themselves – leaving the gate WIDE open, so that a sweet doggy named Sally might wander off.

Now, I’m not a snobby person, nor do I object to my girls befriending the neighborhood kids. 

But, I have to draw the line here.  Because this isn’t a random thing.  And it isn’t only in our backyard.  It’s anytime we go to the front yard, too.  We seem to be a magnet to neighborhood kids and their playtime. 

I have to admit.  We’ve got a pretty fun yard.  But, seriously?  Can we enjoy it alone sometimes? 

I don’t let my kids just waltz into your yards uninvited.  I don’t allow them to knock or ring doorbells at all!  Maybe I AM snobby, but am I alone in thinking that it’s sort of rude to allow your kids to just roam the neighborhood, bothering whomever they choose and always at awful times – like lunch and/or supper

Not only do they invite themselves, but they do all these things that my kids know better than to do.  Like coming in and out of the house.  (WHA?  Get out!)  Like, jumping on the lid of our sandbox, and breaking it.  Like breaking a baseball bat by jumping on it.  (WHY?)  Like getting out the sidewalk chalk without first asking.  Or getting ANYTHING out that is not within reach of a child’s hands.   Grrr.  And, then when my girls try to correct them, they get all snotty.

Um, exqueeze me?  But, go home!

Please correct me if I’m wrong in my assumption that this is annoying.

Oh, and could you be a doll, and throw me a life preserver?  Because I think I just tripped and landed RIGHT over that last cavernous step toward the deep end. 

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  1. There is nothing like a bad haircut that will throw me into a pit of depression. It’s so….depressing! And it takes so long for it to go out, unlike a man whose hair grows out in 6 weeks. I got such a bad cut one time it too two years to grow back out. She cut a huge chunk out of the side of my bangs. Grrrr!

    And the OPK’s. I’m all for kids being friendly and stuff, but come on. My kids don’t roam the neighborhood and they know they have to ask me before they can go over to our neighbors. And then, I go check on them in about 30 minutes if they haven’t come back home.

    What is with people?

  2. Bossy would be SO ANNOYED if those thing were to happen. Lucky thing they never happen. Phew.

  3. Wow. I’m sorry!
    I’m glad you went back to have them work on your hair, that was good. And God give you a weekend!
    But I’m very bothered for you about the wretched-sounding neighbor kids. We were all kids once, but this is some neglect in the neighbor kids’ parents’ realm. No one wants to be labeled me, but it’s your peace. The boundaries need to be established. “Get off the FENCE, Sweetie.” Go teacher on them, Mandy! Don’t stand for them mistreating your children, either. “No, M1 or M2 is right, you need to listen to her on that subject, she knows what she’s talking about. And let’s be polite in this yard, it’s good for the plants!” Lay down the law with Love.

  4. I’m sorry about your hair, it can be traumatizing!

    Also, I’m SO with you on the kids coming over to play thing. We have the nicest neighbors, but sometimes, I just want to go outside, watch the kids play and not talk and make conversation and break up fights over toys. It’s exhausting.

  5. […] which advertised said sales.  Buying store brand items.  Buying on sale store brand items.  Getting my hair cut at cheapo, disappointing hair salons.  You know, things like […]

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