Haiku Friday – Farewell First Grade

Haiku Friday


Can it really be?

First grade is truly over?

It doesn’t seem real


Kindergarten still

seems a far off fantasy

Where did the time go?


Turning seven soon

Counting down the days until

Sunday’s party time


Acting so old now

Too cool for help from Mommy

Attitude abounds


Reading and writing?

Easy peasy for you now

They’re second nature


No hesitation

on the monkey bars or bike

“Watch this, Mom!  Watch THIS!”


“Officially” an

authentic SECOND grader

What will next year bring?


bye bye bus!

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  1. Aw, that was an awesome haiku. It all just goes by in such a great big lightning fast flash!

  2. That was very well-written and captures what a lot of moms of school-aged children feel.

  3. I raise a mug of fresh coffee to first born children everywhere- here’s to them and their futures! Congratulations to M1 and kudos to you, Mom. Nice job.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. Mine is doing the same thing.

    Thanks for capturing this feeling in Haiku

  5. Great Haiku! I’m so dreading when Alexis gets moved to the next level at daycare. It’s like moving up a grade, but worse in my head. It’s the end of “daycare” and the start of “preschool.” *sigh*

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