Haiku Friday – Funk it up

Haiku Friday

Edited to add:  Duh, Mandy!!!  SYLLABLES!!  NOT words, SYLLABLES!!!! 


Sorry about that, folks.  I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. 

Next week – I’ll do it right.  Promise. 

Gosh, I’m surprised that so many of you held your tongue.  ha! 


Been in a funk lately

Difficult to pin down the exact reason

I hate feeling like this


Rubs off on the girls

as well as Hubby (who tolerates plenty)

No end in plain sight


Cover it up for family,

friends, neighbors, strangers – all but my own

Have to get through this


Many things I can do

if only I could muster up motivation

I can get through this


Such a charmed, blessed life

What possible reason to complain?

Suck it up already, Mandy


Self-loathing is not attractive

“Depression”, I don’t want you – never have

Because I won’t seek help


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  1. Sometimes you just can’t suck it up. And that is okay too. Hang in there!

  2. I could have written this, name and all (only I spell mine with an IE!) This, too, shall pass (and show up again, and pass again). Good ‘ku.

  3. Acknowledgment is
    an important first step. Best
    wishes as you move

    through these feelings with
    open-hearted willingness
    to embrace yourself.

    never easy, but well-worth
    it. Everyone wins ;–)

    Hugs and blessings,

  4. I love the honesty of this. Haiku Friday is sometimes perfect for that kind of thing. I do hope you feel better and that it passes soon.

  5. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way. Hope you can pull yourself out of it. I hope you’ll consider asking for help if you find you can’t do it alone. (((HUGS)))

  6. *giggle* I noticed the syllable thing earlier this morning…but then our power went out *giggle*

    Seriously, though…good ‘ku. But I hope you’re able to feel better soon. If you ever need to chat, you got my email. If you need to get out of the house, we can meet?

  7. You know I’m right there. I don’t have words of advice, only know that I will do my best to encourage.

    And, don’t worry about the syllables.

  8. You are FAR from the only one that wasn’t using syllables. FAR, FAR!

    Hope the funk comes to an end soon for you. *hugs*

  9. What an honest post, Mandy. I hope you can start feeling better and more like yourself soon.

  10. […] Last week?  I screwed up. […]

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