(Sorta, Kinda) Wordless Wednesday – “Friend” party edition

Mostly not really Wordless Wednesday

This past weekend, we played hosts to a (very small) group of girls to celebrate Noelle’s 7th birthday.

We ended up having this little gala at home, since we couldn’t all agree on another place.  

Noelle was very happy to have everyone over so that she could show off.

In the end, only 2 girls (of 5 invited) ended up showing.  I was a little surprised.  I mean, you’d think with RSVP’s, right?  Maybe it’s just me.  Hmmm.   Two was good, though.  We like small groups. 

We did have a quite lovely day, thank you very much, Mother Nature.  🙂  It was much appreciated.  We spent a good deal of our time outside, so that coming in to cool off in the A/C felt that much more refreshing.  Good times, good times.


We kicked off the par-tay with a little play time on the swing-set. 

playset fun


Then, we whacked at a puppy pinata.  (Which was a huge hit ~thanks AFF!!  Sorry it was a PUPPY.)



RIP, dear pinata.  You did your job, and you did it proud.

*note:  Noice that the candy is missing?  The girls wasted NO time picking it all up.*

RIP, pinata


Then, we ventured indoors to cool off.   Taking turns spinning each other dizzy, and attempting to stick a tail on an adorable, cartoon donkey.  (When’s the last time that game included a pin?)

Pin the tail...


Since we were still so dizzy, we plopped a squat, and opened cards and gifts.  A HORSE WEBKIN!!!! Thanks, Kammie!!!



And Littlest Pet Shop!!!  In notebook form!!!  This is the best day ever.



ooo OOOOOO!!! Make your own sundae time!!! (Thanks again, AFF!)

HUGE hit.

Sunday time!


Aw.  Poor Sally was worn to a frazzle from all the partying.

Or, she was waiting for sundae remnants.  Whatever.

worn to a frazzle

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  1. Big parties are the pits. I love small parties too. Kids are happy with simple fun.

  2. What fun!!!

    And I’ve had the opposite problem with parties…no one RSVP’s, then 5 show up 🙂

  3. Awwww, great pictures! Kammie sure had f-u-n!

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