Because I don’t have a chest.

I’ve written before how I need to keep records of my kids’ hilarity.

Because if I left it to my Mom brain, these memories would float off into the atmosphere, only to bounce around in space for eternity. 

Not kidding.  My brain is mush these days.

SO, in the spirit of not forgetting, here are some more “isms” by my wee ones.

*and again, most of these are from Kae’s little mouth.  She’s still figuring things out.  🙂


Kae: holding up her arm bedazzled with a Cinderella glove and a plastic happy meal ring– “Aren’t my blue skin and my blue finger beautiful, Mom?

Yes, Smurfette.

Noelle: “Mom!  My hand bubble just popped again!”  Referring to the blister on her hand that never heals, because she refuses to lay off the monkey bars.


Kae:  “Look at me!  I’m a MOM!”  As she’s picking up the toys in the basement all by herself – telling everyone else to “go away so I can CLEAN!” 

I swear she thinks all I do all day is pick up and clean.  (I do, but I don’t necessarily want that to be my calling card.)


Kae:  “OK.  See.  We need 3 circles of people.  We can’t do this unless we have 3 circles of people.  Mom, can you make 3 circles of people?”  Trying to recreate her Bible School dance routine.


Kae: Gazing at a training bra at the mall – “Mom.  I can’t wear that yet because I don’t have a chest.”

Me:  “What do you mean you don’t have a chest?

Kae:  “NO.  I MEAN I don’t have a HUGE chest like you.” – laughing like, “Duh Mom!”

Uh.  Thanks?

*Noelle, Kae, Cal and Mandy:  Screaming at the top of our lungs. 

Why, you ask?

On our way to Bible School this morning, a hugebrown spider decided to jump onto my arm rest and console, and scare the living daylights out of the car’s inhabitants.  Luckily, we were just coming to a stop sign in our subdivision, because I slammed on the brakes as fast as I could, hastily put the gear in PARK, and proceeded to jump out of the car, doing the heeby jeeby dance. 

Don’t judge me, Mkay?

Noelle was the closest, but thankfully she was the least afraid.  She’s currently in her “let’s take any sweet creature of God outside rather than squash it with a ten foot pole” phase right now. 

See me, though?  Never went through that phase.  Unfortunately for the creepy crawlies in and around our house, I don’t think I ever will.

BUT!  Here’s the funny part.  I went around to the passenger side of the car, opened the door, and the spider was right there – waiting to jump out. 

And it did!  Right onto the curb in front of my feet.  (We laughed about this later on.)

So, I quickly got back in the car, TRIED to compose myself, and finished the journey to Bible School. 

During which the entire time I was shivery and shifty-eyed.  *shudder* 

I just keep thinking, WHAT would I have done if I would have been on the busy highway?  Would I have reacted the same way? 

Yikes.  I think I would have. 

Methinks I need to get over my fear of spiders. 



*So, I know that last story was really nothing to do with my whole REASON of writing this post, but I had to include it.  I want to look back and remember it – if only to remind me not to be such a big wussy baby.

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  1. I need to put some kid funnies in my blog too. Believe me, I have plenty of them. Have to laugh about the spider. Kammie is the same as M1 now – can’t kill anything! Must be that last unit at school having to do with insects and other similar creatures.

  2. You’re lucky you have your blog to memorialize all these little moments. Mine are committed to memory for the most part and, well, I just turned 51 and the memory? It’s goin :p

  3. I once did something similar when I had my learner’s permit with a bee. But I kept the car in gear. It kept going & my mother chased it down the driveway. Good times.

  4. What is with the spiders in Indiana!?! They’ve taken over my house! It’s freaking me out.

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