A few days ago, Kae was playing out beneath the swings of the swing-set. 

I  asked her what she was doing, and the other two piped up.

“She has a bug, and she’s holding it so tight, and she won’t let go!”


Lately, she’s been in this capture-all-things-buggy-and-save-them-for-all-eternity or until they die within her death grasp.

Last year at this time, she was terrified of any buggy-type creature.

I guess I’m glad that she’s got this new mentality, but woe is the state of all things buggy around here.


This particular day, though, something very sweet happened.

I gave Kae my usual lecture about how we should set the bugs free, they’re happier that way, God wants them that way, it’s no way to live when you’re trapped in a little girl’s hand, wha whaaa wha whaaaa whaa.

She relented, and opened her hand to release the poor creature.  (Which happened to be one of those little, white butterflies – or are they moths?  Anyway.)

As she let it go, it gently flew up to her heat, and landed there.  It fluttered its wings for a few moments, then went up to her cheek and fluttered there before fluttering off into the sunset.  (It was very flutter-y.)

We decided that the butterfly (moth) was SO happy to be free that it hugged and kissed Kae goodbye before its departure.

She was thrilled.


M2 the bug lover

Kae the bug lover

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  1. That is SOO adorably sweet. And, what a great thing to tell her to keep letting them go. Very smart mom.

  2. Ahhhh, so sweet!

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