Glamour is a scarf

Andi from Poot and Cubby said it best when she said,  “What do I do when I have nothing to say?  I exploit my children for gain because that’s what Mommy Bloggers do.”

Truer words were never spoken.

So, in true Mommy-Mandy form, I’m taking these quotes from my 4 year old’s mouth (and from the various Post-Its cluttering up my desk).


Daddy: “Kae, you look so glamorous today!”  ~commenting on her outfit consisting of a straw hat, painted fingernails AND toenails, a tinkerbell purse, (fingerprinted-to-the-point-of-opaqueness) dinosaur sunglasses, and a pink sundress with matching blue flip flops.  She was styling. 

Kae: words dripping with attitude ~ “Daddy!  I’m not glamorous, because I don’t have a scarf! – *heavy sigh*”


Kae: after seeing the commercial for the 40 bajillionth time ~ “Mommy, when WILL we get those FIREWORKS, FIREWORKS, FIREWORKS?”


Kae: calling from the bathroom ~ “Moooom!  I need some help in here!  I had another one of those slobbery poops!”

Don’t lie.  You know EXACTLY what she’s talking about.

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  1. I do know slobbery poop. Mine did one IN his undies. Joys of potty training, right?

  2. LOL! Too Funny! Yes, we moms with wee ones know all about “slobbery poop”. : )

  3. Thanks for the linky love! These were hysterical. Ew, slobbery poops. My kid describes her poops. She’s all,”There’s the daddy poop and the mommy poop and the baby poop.” Or, “That poop looks like a potato.” Nice.

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