Haiku Friday – The Summer Love/Hate Edition


Summertime is grand

Slip and Slide, sprinkler, the pool,

bikes, and sidewalk chalk


Fireworks, ice cream,

lingering walks to the park,

catching lightning bugs


Fresh watermelon,

lemonade, cook-outs, iced tea

twilight basketball


Flowers in full bloom,

planning vacations (woo hooo!)

softball, soccer, sun


Corn on the cob (yum)

Popsicles, bratwursts, lawn chairs

scent of fresh-cut lawns


There is a flip side…

“Mommy, can we go outside???”

patience, dear kiddies


House won’t clean itself

dishes begin to pile up

beds remain unmade


But, the pool, the POOL!

Hang on, Mommy’s reading blogs

Almost done!  Hang on!


Mommy, can we PLEASE

set up the slip and slide now???

it will be SO fun!


Time to go yet, Mom?

Ready for that bike ride NOW?

Let’s go, hurry UP!


Can we do this?  Can

we do that?  What about this?

Oooo, ooo, OOOO and THAT!


Bedtime is postponed

It’s much too light for sleeping

(Where’d I put that wine?)


Summer, I do love

all you have to offer us

you just wear me out






twilight basketball

twilight basketball


lightning bug family

lightning bug family


testing the waters

testing the waters




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  1. Nicely done.
    You know Luc’s not even two and I am already having to fend off the “‘SIDE!” requests.

  2. yay! can we come over!? LOL

  3. Yay, yay and yay for summer! Your haiku covered all the best of summer, even if it makes for some serious tired at the end of the day.

  4. What a great summer haiku!! I’m with you on everything except catching bugs. Eeeeek!!!

  5. Ah, this makes me long for summertime when I was seven. The freedom your girls most feel right now. They don’t even realize it – it’s one of those intangibles they won’t even think about til they are our age!

    Great pics.

  6. Summer just goes too fast. . . I love the long lazy days, even if my house is a mess. Sigh.

  7. You hit the nail on the head with that one. It’s so hard to concentrate on blogging when they want to be out & enjoying the weather.

  8. Summer is good for the soul and bad for housework in my life…

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