Haiku Friday – sucking the life out of summer


Days are growing short

Calendar flipped to August

12 days until school


Attempting to make

the most out of these fading,

drowsy summer days


Making impromptu

trips to the pool and playground

Catching summer flicks


Enjoying picnics

and all of the delicious

summer season treats


Begging to stay out

until the yard lights come on ~

signaling bedtime


Postponing bedtime

and sleeping in the next day

Spontaneous naps


Heading to the store

with school supply list in hand ~

hunting for bargains


Computer time has

been temporarily placed

on the backburner


Must. enjoy. these. last

lazy, hazy, crazy days

of summer, oooooh yeeeaaaah


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  1. Outstanding way to hold on to these last few days of summer. Love it. Mine is linked to my name if you want to pop by.

  2. Yes, sad to see summer go. Your Haiku sums it up perfectly. Happy Friday!

  3. on the first day of summer it seems never ending. and then suddenly it ends!!

  4. Awesome haiku. Summer flies by, doesn’t it? I’m glad that you are taking the time to make the most of the last days. Wow, back to school on the 12th? That seems pretty early!

  5. wow…school starts so soon for you guys!! my kids don’t go back until early september!
    well…enjoy the last few days of your summer break!

  6. Have a wonderful time. I am so sad at how fast summer has slipped by. It’s crazy. I miss my kids and they’re not even gone yet!

  7. I love this haiku Mandy! Well done. And agreed, internet time will be here for you in 12 days. Enjoy your time!

  8. Nice haiku!
    You’re going to have 500 e-mails in your box when you’re back. 🙂

  9. I 100% understand. Enjoy the Indian Summer.

  10. […] I am busy sucking summer dry, I wanted to pop in to write down (if even for “my own self” as Kae would say) some of […]

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