Haiku Friday – the mummy in a peanut edition


Landscaping is fun

when you have “help” in the form

of a 4 year old


“THIS rock looks like a

small mummy in a peanut!”

Heh ~ Alrighty then!


“And THIS one looks like

an ant took a bite of it.”

“Um, sure.  If by ant…


…you mean colossal

crustacean, capable of

fracturing your bones.”


“Mommy, I felt a

TEENY, eency, weency bite

on my little toe.


Do you think it could

have been that orange

spider that we killed?”


*checking cell’s voicemail*

*holding cloth on ‘wound’*~”Mom! Who

ya callin, the doc?”


*and that is only what I remembered to write down~ let’s just say that it was a very entertaining morning.*

Little Helper

Little Helper

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  1. Where have you been, girlie? I’ve had spider bites. They are NO fun. Is she okay?

  2. For the record, yes…she is/was ok.
    I brought her in, got her washed up, and assessed the situation. No bite mark or swelling to speak of. We did put shoes and socks on, though. 😉

  3. we have had more than one faux bite – sometimes they are the worst!

  4. Close call…..glad you didn’t have to deal with a spider bite, that would have been painful for her.

    I remember how freaked out my Mom was one time when my sister got bit by a scorpion!

  5. Hehehehe, so very cute and nicely haiku’d. Hope she is OK.

  6. Wow, I’m impressed. Such a good telling of the day and in counted syllables, too!
    The dead tiny orange spider attack– funny that she thought you’d be calling the doctor about it. 🙂
    We have the ants biting us a lot, teeny weeny little bites and the itching for a couple years after.
    I hope you accomplished all you had planned to in the yard?

  7. Don’t you just love it when your kids want to “help”? I try to let them help me as much as possible, but some things I just wait to do until they are napping.

    I guess one day my two-year old will stop napping… I don’t know what I’ll do then!

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