Ch. ch. ch. ch. changes

My dear internet friends,

I’ve started this post several times, and can’t seem to finish it.  It seems like my brain is in hyper-drive and cruise control all at the same time lately.

Tomorrow I start a new job.  I have been at home with my own kids as well as caring for few others for the past 6 years.

Folks, it’s going to be a huge transition.

But, I’m ready for the change.  I’m ready to wring out this brain and shake out all the dust bunnies hiding in the creases. 

Although I’ve adored being able to be at home, I have missed being part of the “outside world”.  I always knew that I wanted to teach again as I did before I had Noelle 7 years ago.  I miss it, and have been looking to fill that void for awhile now.

Easier said than done. The teaching jobs are few and far between around these parts.

Sooo, I’m doing the next best thing. 

My new title will be “Director of *AYS” -coming to a school near YOU.  Actually, it’s quite close.  Though not as close as Noelle’s school would be, I’ll still be close enough to drop her off there in the morning on my way.  *AYS stands for At Your School.  It is the before and after school care program.

Also, to say that Kae is super thrilled would be a grave understatement.  She is so happy to be starting “school” that there aren’t even words.  She didn’t want to leave when we “previewed” the place yesterday.  “They have BARBIES there, Mommy!  But where are all the desks?”  🙂  Next year, dear.  It’ll come soon enough.

So, as I’ve been scarce around this – my own little corner of the bloggy world – lately, I will probably be even MORE so starting tomorrow.

Who knows, though? Perhaps all of the brain wringing and shaking will liven me up a little and give me more reason to write.

Until then, be well!  I’ll be checking in with you all regularly!


P.S.  Be sure to click over in my new page labled “Say WHAT?”  I decided to dedicate that space to include all of the silly things my girls crack me up with and share them with you.

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My Birthday Mirror/rorriM yadhtriB yM

Today I am 32.

32 years ago, I made a young lady a “Mom”.  (And she’s done that title proud, I might add.)

For some reason, birthdays always trigger my wee brain to reflect

To reflect on my life, and where it’s taken me.  What remarkable events have taken place in these grand 32 years of mine?  What things would I like to forget?  What’s been left undone?  What parts of myself have I lost in the void?  What do I think of the reflection that looks back at me from my mirror today?

For me, it’s so easy to get sucked into the past and all of its memories.  I am a dweller.  As in, I worry about things when it’s decision time, to the point of over-analyzing them.  (And irritating everyone around me at the time.)  Then, dwelling on whatever decision WAS made, and its impending outcome.  Good OR bad.  I have NO idea why I put myself through this.  But, the cycle is repeated.  Again and again.

So, I  force myself to take pause.  I take stock of what I have in my life right now that can make me smile.  And all that can take my mind off of all the tiresome reflecting.


Because these?

Ice pack up the shirt ~ a sure cooler-offer

Ice pack up the shirt ~ a sure cooler-offer


These goofy girls right here?


NOW I'm glamorous.  I have my scarf.

NOW I am glamorous...I have my scarf.


Are the reason I get up and face that mirror every. single. day.

Thanks girls. 

For your infectious laughter – it is the most beautiful sound to my ears.

For your constant activity – it is what keeps me on my toes.

For your never-wavering love – it is what holds me up.


For your beautiful eyes.

blue eyes

blue eyes - Mommy's match


green eyes

green eyes - Daddy's clone

In which holds the reflection of the perfect love that brought you into this world.

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End of an Era

In August of 2002, a recently unemployed me decided to delve into the wild world of child care providing.

Little did I know that one of my little guys would stick with us until now. 

Tuesday will be our very last day with *Cal.

When I first started watching Cal, he wasn’t quite one yet.  He was just learning to walk.  He couldn’t talk.  He had never been around a dog before.  He was extremely shy.  He carried a blanket everywhere that he sucked and chewed.  The blanket’s name was “Chewy”. 

Cal has been a part of every major event in our lives these past six years.

In the time we’ve had him:

  • I watched several other children – 4 boys and one girl – varying  in ages and at varying times
  • I gave birth to Kae
  • Hubby went back to school for another Bachelors degree
  • We moved into a bigger house
  • All three kids took swimming lessons together and learned to swim
  • Noelle and Cal learned to ride bikes without training wheels
  • Noelle started school
  • Hubby got a new job, and moved
  • Cal started school
  • I took classes to renew my teaching license

Needless to say it will be really weird on Wednesday when Cal no longer comes to our house on a daily basis.  He will be starting first grade (at a different school from Noelle – same town, different schools – so close, yet so far away!). 

No more waking up to greet him as he performs a secret knock on my door.

No more boy toys (or boy play, for that matter) around these parts. 

To be honest, I’ll kind of miss hearing all about the latest adventures of any given superhero.

No more asking how many days until Cal comes back again.  (As my girls do every Saturday.)  Actually, they will probably ask SEVERAL times before the fact that he WILL NOT be coming back sinks in.

No need for the extra car seat in my car.

No need for the Transformers place mat on my table.

No need for the blue and green cup in the fridge.

And no more need for all the extra food and snacks in my house that a growing-like-crazy-little-boy-munches-non-stop.

It’s sure going to be sad, but for what it’s worth, It’s been a fun and crazy ride, Cal!  We’ll miss you, sweetie!!!

Noelle, Cal, Cal, Noelle
Noelle, Cal, Cal, Noelle


Cal, Chewy, and Noelle

Cal, Chewy, and Noelle

Cal and Noelle - stylin' toddlers

Cal and Noelle - stylin' toddlers

Chillin' on the deck

Chillin' on the deck

Ring around the baby

Ring around the baby

Christmas '06

Christmas '06

"Grown Up Faces"

"Grown Up Faces"

Fun in the Whale Pool - Summer '07

Fun in the Whale Pool - Summer '07

Slip n' Slide - Summer '08

Slip n' Slide - Summer '08

7 now, and ornery as ever

7 now, and ornery as ever

Knock ’em dead in 1st grade, buddy! 😉
Don’t forget to write!!!
*Not his real name.
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