Easter – It’s a good thing

Though it was a very cooooold (and brown) Easter, it was a good one.



The sun graced us with her presence for most of the day. 

And the snow that did fall was beautiful snow. 

Sparkly snow.

(Hopefully the LAST snow.)

The girls were healthy – mostly.  And that always counts for something. 


We were among family and good food.

That counts for a LOT. 

 We colored eggs – always a roaring good time.  😀

And though it’s still cold today, there are signs that spring may be coming soon. 

My tulips are peeking out from their cold, snowy sparkly beds.  (Poor things.)

Buds are peeking out from the trees.

Robins are peeking out from their warm hiding places.

And potential buyers are peeking out (from the proverbial woodwork) – we’ve had more showings than ever this past week!  (Even one yesterday!) Woo hoo!!

So, if Easter brought us anything, it brought us hope.

Which was never really gone in the first place.

 Happy Easter!!!






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