What would YOU do?

My brain hurts.

It is numb.

Must be the battalion of thoughts up there at war with one another.


“Whew!  Feels GREAT to have that stupid for sale sign out of the yard!”

“What do you MEAN it feels great?  Didn’t you want to MOVE?”

“At first yes, but it’s really starting to feel like HOME here now.  Noelle’s in school again – 2nd grade.  She’s got lots of friends here.  She loves school.  And she’s signed up for soccer.  She loves soccer here.”

“But, she was excited to take gymnastics in New Town!  Her Daddy was going to hook her up!”

“She can do that here!  There are LOTS of places!”

“Not for FREE!”

“True, true.  But, she signed up to be in Girl Scouts here, too!”

“They’ve got that there, too!”

“I know.  Hubby’s family is so happy and relieved that we’re staying, though.”

“But Mandy, YOUR family is very disappointed that you aren’t moving!  Not to mention your sister who envisioned moving there someday soon as well, and having you all being together again.”

“Oh, I know, but Hubby isn’t the happiest right now with this situation, and is ready for it to be over.”

“Me too, but he can always find something new there!”

“Ugh.  True.  But, the SHOWINGS!  Aren’t you sick of the SHOWINGS!?”

“Yes.  That I am.  Ok.  You win.  It’s a sound choice.  It’s been a year.  We’ve had enough.  Heart, be at peace!  Let’s move on with life!  Be free!”


End scene.

*phone call* – ring, ring!


“Hi, I know we just took your house off the market, but….

We’ve got a couple who says you’re at the top of their list, and they are BEGGING me for a second showing, and may want to make an offer.”



That was my initial reaction.





Is this a sign? 

Is this opportunity knocking?

Or am I just being screwed with?

I honestly didn’t know what to say.

I told her no at first, but then relented under her extreme pressure. 

(No joke.  The lady knows how to pressure a person by saying little to nothing in response to my *spoken* internal battles.)

So, I agreed to the showing.

Hubby was pissed.

He says that I should have stood my ground, and told her no – that we were done.

What would YOU do?



*Any and all suggestions will be read and taken with a grain of salt.  This is, of course, a major, life-altering decision.  Please no, “woulda, shoulda” comments.  But, please DO comment!  I am feeling a little lost!*

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But what will I wear?

I know so many of you out there are getting excited – preparing for a little conference coming up.

I am not one of those people.

It’s all good, though.  (Even if I am a bit sad that I missed out on that sweet bandwagon.  Next year, perhaps?)

On the day that you all are heading to San Fran, I will be heading to Sin City! 

Yep.  Hubby and I will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary in Vegas, baby!

Woo hoo!
But, shhhh.  I’ve got a bit of a confession.

I’m a Vegas virgin.  Whew!  I feel better now.

Have any of you been?

We’ve been making some trips to the bookstore for books with tips.  Since we’re newbies.

We’ve been buying/renting all  Vegasrelated movies.  To get us in the mood.

We’ve studied the online maps, and even bought a new road atlas.  To help us not get lost in the desert on one of our excursions.


Now, I’m not trying to sound cliche’, but honestly???  What WILL I wear?

I have been shopping more than usual.  (Read:  I have been shopping.  Period.  Something I don’t usually do for MYSELF.) 

But, the things I’ve purchased have been mostly business casual (with an emPHASis on casual).  It’s what I’m comfortable in.  (And what I will continue to wear once this little rendezvous is over with.)

My main concern is this.  Every movie or book that we’ve seen about Las Vegas showcases people dressed to the nines.  Is this the norm?  Is it expected?  Or is it just a show? 

Something to make Las Vegas look all glamorous when really it’s just a vacation place where grownups go to play?  And dress up if they are going someplace truly fancy?  Like a show or to a fancy restaurant?

Please inform me, Vegas veterans.

Because I did buy a fancy dress.  It’s really fancy.  I even bought some jewelry and beautiful shoes to match.  But, I wasn’t planning on wearing that the WHOLE time. 

Will we be kicked out of the joint for dressing down?  I really do want to know.  My husband is hoping that it’s not true.  He is truly scared of the prospect of having to don a suit and tie every day of our vacation, and is seriously starting to regret our decision to go there.

Keep in mind that we are planning on doing a lot of sight seeing, not a whole lot of gambling.  What is the dress code for just hanging out at the hotel?  At the casino?  When visiting other hotel/casinos?

Thanks in advance for your help!

And I look forward to coming back from our vacation and hearing all about yours.  🙂

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Mmmm. Gonna tryyy with a little help from mah friends

Hello friends!

I am in need of some advice.

You see, in 2, count ’em 2 days, I will have a gaggle of 7 year old maniacs girls running about my yard, wondering why they were invited to this birthday bash when there isn’t anything fun to do here lest I come up with some sweet games to soothe the beast in them all.

My daughter has the mistaken idea that I am full of cool ideas.

I got nothin’.

Well, maybe a couple of things. 

I thought maybe a rousing game of go-outside-and-play-while-Noelle’s-mommy-runs-in-real-quick-to-take-a-nap get-some-supplies might be fun.

There’s always pin the tail on the donkey.  Noelle loves that game.  Surely her friends would too?

Then, there’s water balloons.  But, oh wait.  The aftermath.  Oh well.  I’m counting on sun and heat.  That’ll dry ’em out before I pack ’em up and send ’em back home. 

Did you hear that, Mother Nature?  I said SUN and HEAT.  Those two things are essential for an outside kids’ party.  We don’t need any of that flooding rain and/or stormy storms that you’ve been very generous with lately.  We’ve had our fill of those, thanks.

So, dear bloggy friends, I turn to you.

Do you have any games hidden up your sleeves? 

Which are so pretty, by the way. 

Or in your beautiful hair?  Have I mentioned that it’s so fetching?  Because it is.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

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