Oooh, something shiny!

Here I sit, typing this blog entry from my living room. 

*record screeching*

Yep.  My living room. 

I have joined the 21st century and now own my very own laptop.

Up until this point, I used to have to brave the elements (clutter, excessive heat, dust) in our fabulous “spare” room where our “family” computer resides.  It’s still there, I’m just not.  ha! 


Fresh air!

Human contact!

A fully stocked kitchen just steps away!

Actually, that I could probably do without.  Meh.

All I can say is that my husband is the coolest, since he is the one who bestowed the awesomeness that is this shaaaany, new laptop upon me.

He even paid attention to every feature I had admired about the ones in the store, and wrapped them all up in that photographic head of his to find the perfect one to present to me as a late birthday gift.


Last year, he surprised me with a late birthday present  in the form of my iPod.  Not just any iPod, but a super de duper, tricked out video, bazilliongig iPod.

If my husband is anything, he’s a techie.  A generous techie.

The only thing that is bad about having an uber generous, tech-savvy hubby is the fact that I always come up short on HIS birthday.  Any suggestions?

You’ve got until April.

Kthxbai.  🙂

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Haiku Friday – the mummy in a peanut edition


Landscaping is fun

when you have “help” in the form

of a 4 year old


“THIS rock looks like a

small mummy in a peanut!”

Heh ~ Alrighty then!


“And THIS one looks like

an ant took a bite of it.”

“Um, sure.  If by ant…


…you mean colossal

crustacean, capable of

fracturing your bones.”


“Mommy, I felt a

TEENY, eency, weency bite

on my little toe.


Do you think it could

have been that orange

spider that we killed?”


*checking cell’s voicemail*

*holding cloth on ‘wound’*~”Mom! Who

ya callin, the doc?”


*and that is only what I remembered to write down~ let’s just say that it was a very entertaining morning.*

Little Helper

Little Helper

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Some reasons to show my teeth

While I am busy sucking summer dry, I wanted to pop in to write down (if even for “my own self” as Kae would say) some of these sound bites from my two kiddos.

I, of course, have been jotting these little quips down on paper as I hear or recall them, and they’re scattered on my computer desk just begging to be put all in one place.  My little organized at heart self can’t take the clutter anymore!

These are the reasons I smile at least once every day.  😀

*Overheard at the dinner table after munching on some corn on the cob – yum!  Noelle:  Sally (our dog), if you could just become a helper dog for once, maybe you could help me get this corn unstuck from my teeth.

*Entering the restaurant at breakfast time, and discussing what is available – Kae: Now THIS is why I DON’T like McDonald’s!  They have strawberries!

*To Cal after a discussion about where he played a baseball game – Noelle:Oh, was it that one place with those one trees that had that Spongebob ice cream on a stick?

*Putting sugar in my coffee at Starbucks – Kae: Mom, that sign says “No Smoking”.  Me: Yes it does.  Kae:  *looking worried, and pointing directly towards my steaming cup of coffee*  But MOM!!!

*3.23 seconds after unwrapping and chewing on a piece of Fruit Stripe Gum – Noelle: Um, I actually know that I just opened this, but it has pretty much no flavor.  I think they were trying to trick me when they said lemon.  Maybe it just meant that you think of lemon when you chew it.

*Walking into the kitchen after playing outside – Kae:I smell something really good that sort of smells like Mom’s cooking!  I sure hope it iiiis!

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