End of an Era

In August of 2002, a recently unemployed me decided to delve into the wild world of child care providing.

Little did I know that one of my little guys would stick with us until now. 

Tuesday will be our very last day with *Cal.

When I first started watching Cal, he wasn’t quite one yet.  He was just learning to walk.  He couldn’t talk.  He had never been around a dog before.  He was extremely shy.  He carried a blanket everywhere that he sucked and chewed.  The blanket’s name was “Chewy”. 

Cal has been a part of every major event in our lives these past six years.

In the time we’ve had him:

  • I watched several other children – 4 boys and one girl – varying  in ages and at varying times
  • I gave birth to Kae
  • Hubby went back to school for another Bachelors degree
  • We moved into a bigger house
  • All three kids took swimming lessons together and learned to swim
  • Noelle and Cal learned to ride bikes without training wheels
  • Noelle started school
  • Hubby got a new job, and moved
  • Cal started school
  • I took classes to renew my teaching license

Needless to say it will be really weird on Wednesday when Cal no longer comes to our house on a daily basis.  He will be starting first grade (at a different school from Noelle – same town, different schools – so close, yet so far away!). 

No more waking up to greet him as he performs a secret knock on my door.

No more boy toys (or boy play, for that matter) around these parts. 

To be honest, I’ll kind of miss hearing all about the latest adventures of any given superhero.

No more asking how many days until Cal comes back again.  (As my girls do every Saturday.)  Actually, they will probably ask SEVERAL times before the fact that he WILL NOT be coming back sinks in.

No need for the extra car seat in my car.

No need for the Transformers place mat on my table.

No need for the blue and green cup in the fridge.

And no more need for all the extra food and snacks in my house that a growing-like-crazy-little-boy-munches-non-stop.

It’s sure going to be sad, but for what it’s worth, It’s been a fun and crazy ride, Cal!  We’ll miss you, sweetie!!!

Noelle, Cal, Cal, Noelle
Noelle, Cal, Cal, Noelle


Cal, Chewy, and Noelle

Cal, Chewy, and Noelle

Cal and Noelle - stylin' toddlers

Cal and Noelle - stylin' toddlers

Chillin' on the deck

Chillin' on the deck

Ring around the baby

Ring around the baby

Christmas '06

Christmas '06

"Grown Up Faces"

"Grown Up Faces"

Fun in the Whale Pool - Summer '07

Fun in the Whale Pool - Summer '07

Slip n' Slide - Summer '08

Slip n' Slide - Summer '08

7 now, and ornery as ever

7 now, and ornery as ever

Knock ’em dead in 1st grade, buddy! 😉
Don’t forget to write!!!
*Not his real name.
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Haiku Friday – If they could see me now



Once upon a time

there was a girl named Mandy

She used to be hawt


Pretty popular

in high school – taking into



…that high school was small

SO small that everyone knew

everyone and that…


everyone was friends

HOWEVER, that tiny class

stroked my wee ego


Come voting time for

the senior year book, I was

nominated for…


…”Most school spirit” (Rah!)

and “Best figure or physique”

ha! ha! ha! ha! HA!!!


OH, if they could see

what I’ve allowed myself to

become – it’s so sad


I sometimes wonder

what the boys who were part of

the Prom Courts with me…


…would think of my poor

FUTURE self – the one in which

I let myself go


There are certainly

no awards for “Most Weight Gain”

or “Crappiest Mood”


Anytime a trip

back “home” presents itself, I

am riddled with fear


What if I bump in-

to someone I used to know?

Wonder what they’d think?


I count my lucky

stars that there was no ten year

class reunion – whew!


I realize that

I am pathetic and need

to get off my butt…


…the butt that right now 

is parked in this chair – all the

easier to blog


I know that I am

a wiser, more mature gal

than I was back then


I understand that

it is what is INSIDE that

matters – I get that


I just wish I knew

back then to appreciate

the shell whilst I could.


These pants were a size ZERO - I wish I were kidding

These pants were a size ZERO - I wish I were kidding


See?  All about the SPIRIT

See? All about the SPIRIT



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Top nine reasons my life is enhanced nine years later…


9. I now have more patience than I’ve ever thought myself capable.


8. I have two beautiful daughters of my very own.


7. My “what if” ways have blossomed into “then we’ll just” ways


6. I feel “complete”.  I’ve got my perfect family.  Loving husband?  Check.  Terrific kids?  Check.  Sweet dog?  Check.  Mortgage?  CHEEEEAAACK.


5. I have never felt more beautiful.  (Though my exterior may disagree, I certainly feel more beautiful on the INSIDE.)


4. My wits have never been sharper.  (They’re a must for survival around these parts.)


3. There is never a dull moment in my life.


2. I feel secure.


1. I get to do some pretty awesome stuff with a pretty awesome companion.  Vegas, here we come, Baby!



Happy 9th Anniversary, honey!  Marrying you was one of the best decisions of my life.


wedding day 7-17-99

wedding day 7-17-99



Is it sad that a picture from last summer is the most recent one of us I could find???

Is it sad that a picture from last summer is the most recent one of us I could find???

See you all in a week~

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