After much debate, discussion, deliberation, and downright exhausting thought –

We decided to NOT do the showing.

I know, I know.  Many of you are saying, “What?  Why NOT?”

Well, I’ll tell you why.

We decided that we had simply had enough. 

Yes, it could have been a sale.  It could have NOT been a sale.

Who knows?  Only God, but I truly feel that we were swayed in this direction.  The one in which we feel like we’re meant to be right here right now.

We love it here.  (Or at least the girls and I do.  We know that Daddy will love it here once more when he is able to actually spend some time here again!)

So, there ya have it.

We’re here. 

For good.

(For now.)

This calls for a celebratory outfit - will this do?

This calls for a celebratory outfit - will this do?

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What would YOU do?

My brain hurts.

It is numb.

Must be the battalion of thoughts up there at war with one another.


“Whew!  Feels GREAT to have that stupid for sale sign out of the yard!”

“What do you MEAN it feels great?  Didn’t you want to MOVE?”

“At first yes, but it’s really starting to feel like HOME here now.  Noelle’s in school again – 2nd grade.  She’s got lots of friends here.  She loves school.  And she’s signed up for soccer.  She loves soccer here.”

“But, she was excited to take gymnastics in New Town!  Her Daddy was going to hook her up!”

“She can do that here!  There are LOTS of places!”

“Not for FREE!”

“True, true.  But, she signed up to be in Girl Scouts here, too!”

“They’ve got that there, too!”

“I know.  Hubby’s family is so happy and relieved that we’re staying, though.”

“But Mandy, YOUR family is very disappointed that you aren’t moving!  Not to mention your sister who envisioned moving there someday soon as well, and having you all being together again.”

“Oh, I know, but Hubby isn’t the happiest right now with this situation, and is ready for it to be over.”

“Me too, but he can always find something new there!”

“Ugh.  True.  But, the SHOWINGS!  Aren’t you sick of the SHOWINGS!?”

“Yes.  That I am.  Ok.  You win.  It’s a sound choice.  It’s been a year.  We’ve had enough.  Heart, be at peace!  Let’s move on with life!  Be free!”


End scene.

*phone call* – ring, ring!


“Hi, I know we just took your house off the market, but….

We’ve got a couple who says you’re at the top of their list, and they are BEGGING me for a second showing, and may want to make an offer.”



That was my initial reaction.





Is this a sign? 

Is this opportunity knocking?

Or am I just being screwed with?

I honestly didn’t know what to say.

I told her no at first, but then relented under her extreme pressure. 

(No joke.  The lady knows how to pressure a person by saying little to nothing in response to my *spoken* internal battles.)

So, I agreed to the showing.

Hubby was pissed.

He says that I should have stood my ground, and told her no – that we were done.

What would YOU do?



*Any and all suggestions will be read and taken with a grain of salt.  This is, of course, a major, life-altering decision.  Please no, “woulda, shoulda” comments.  But, please DO comment!  I am feeling a little lost!*

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Life in Purgatory


I’m apologizing in advance that this will be a depressing post. 

Feel free to not read any further.


You’ve been forewarned.

Still here?


So, I’m starting to feel a little bit like a stale cracker. 

Bland to begin with, but now even more irrelevant because of, you know, the stale-ness.


I am just so stinkin’ tired of this not-knowing-when-we’ll-move state of being. 

As well as all the miles that my poor husband is racking up with his semi-weekly trips back home.

Yes, we miss him terribly, but it’s almost to the point where it makes more sense for him to stay put, and just come home once a week.  *sigh*


Noelle brought a packet home from school today requesting that all families let them know if they’ll be returning to WR next year. 

*sniff*  I wish.  But then again, who knows?  Will we still be here at that time?  We didn’t think she’d make it through even part of her first grade year here, and she has 7 days left until the end of the year. 

We signed her up for softball – late.  We were hesitant to pay the money (in February), and didn’t think it would be fair to have her commit to a team that we weren’t sure we’d be around to commit to.

Bible school?  Hmmm.  It’s in July.  Do we register?  This time we’ll be paying for two, since Kae’s old enough and sure would enjoy the experience.

If we’re going to be around for it.

Do I look for jobs in New Town, or do I continue to play the waiting game and risk losing the opportunity?

Kae needs to be registered for preschool this fall.  Where do I do that?  What if we’re too late if/when we do move, and she misses out on THAT opportunity? 

*Not that it’s a huge deal, since Noelle didn’t go, and she’s doing great.  But, with the way that Kae is progressing, she is TOTALLY ready for some further stimulation, and would greatly benefit from the experience.*

Vacation?  It’s hard to plan for that when we don’t know if/when we’ll need to be around to close on our house, or how many days we might need to save to get our new house ready.


*Heavy sigh*

I am just so tired of living life aimlessly.

I need some direction.


Dear God,

Could I please have some arrows?

Thanks and praise,


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