What would YOU do?

My brain hurts.

It is numb.

Must be the battalion of thoughts up there at war with one another.


“Whew!  Feels GREAT to have that stupid for sale sign out of the yard!”

“What do you MEAN it feels great?  Didn’t you want to MOVE?”

“At first yes, but it’s really starting to feel like HOME here now.  Noelle’s in school again – 2nd grade.  She’s got lots of friends here.  She loves school.  And she’s signed up for soccer.  She loves soccer here.”

“But, she was excited to take gymnastics in New Town!  Her Daddy was going to hook her up!”

“She can do that here!  There are LOTS of places!”

“Not for FREE!”

“True, true.  But, she signed up to be in Girl Scouts here, too!”

“They’ve got that there, too!”

“I know.  Hubby’s family is so happy and relieved that we’re staying, though.”

“But Mandy, YOUR family is very disappointed that you aren’t moving!  Not to mention your sister who envisioned moving there someday soon as well, and having you all being together again.”

“Oh, I know, but Hubby isn’t the happiest right now with this situation, and is ready for it to be over.”

“Me too, but he can always find something new there!”

“Ugh.  True.  But, the SHOWINGS!  Aren’t you sick of the SHOWINGS!?”

“Yes.  That I am.  Ok.  You win.  It’s a sound choice.  It’s been a year.  We’ve had enough.  Heart, be at peace!  Let’s move on with life!  Be free!”


End scene.

*phone call* – ring, ring!


“Hi, I know we just took your house off the market, but….

We’ve got a couple who says you’re at the top of their list, and they are BEGGING me for a second showing, and may want to make an offer.”



That was my initial reaction.





Is this a sign? 

Is this opportunity knocking?

Or am I just being screwed with?

I honestly didn’t know what to say.

I told her no at first, but then relented under her extreme pressure. 

(No joke.  The lady knows how to pressure a person by saying little to nothing in response to my *spoken* internal battles.)

So, I agreed to the showing.

Hubby was pissed.

He says that I should have stood my ground, and told her no – that we were done.

What would YOU do?



*Any and all suggestions will be read and taken with a grain of salt.  This is, of course, a major, life-altering decision.  Please no, “woulda, shoulda” comments.  But, please DO comment!  I am feeling a little lost!*

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Haiku Friday – If they could see me now



Once upon a time

there was a girl named Mandy

She used to be hawt


Pretty popular

in high school – taking into



…that high school was small

SO small that everyone knew

everyone and that…


everyone was friends

HOWEVER, that tiny class

stroked my wee ego


Come voting time for

the senior year book, I was

nominated for…


…”Most school spirit” (Rah!)

and “Best figure or physique”

ha! ha! ha! ha! HA!!!


OH, if they could see

what I’ve allowed myself to

become – it’s so sad


I sometimes wonder

what the boys who were part of

the Prom Courts with me…


…would think of my poor

FUTURE self – the one in which

I let myself go


There are certainly

no awards for “Most Weight Gain”

or “Crappiest Mood”


Anytime a trip

back “home” presents itself, I

am riddled with fear


What if I bump in-

to someone I used to know?

Wonder what they’d think?


I count my lucky

stars that there was no ten year

class reunion – whew!


I realize that

I am pathetic and need

to get off my butt…


…the butt that right now 

is parked in this chair – all the

easier to blog


I know that I am

a wiser, more mature gal

than I was back then


I understand that

it is what is INSIDE that

matters – I get that


I just wish I knew

back then to appreciate

the shell whilst I could.


These pants were a size ZERO - I wish I were kidding

These pants were a size ZERO - I wish I were kidding


See?  All about the SPIRIT

See? All about the SPIRIT



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Luck be a lady…with raging PMS

Wow, has it really been 11 days???

Yikes.  Sorry about that, folks. 

I assure you we didn’t slip into the depths of the Hoover Dam.  (Though we did get pretty woozy on our “dam tour”.  Whooo, is it dizzying for two admitted acrophobics.  We were so brave!)

No.  My absence can be blamed more on not only BEING on vacation, but also on squeezing every last moment out of our time together (partly child-free) upon our return. 

That, and sheer exhaustion.  *yawn*

We really did have an all in all fabulous trip to Vegas.  The whole experience was partly what I had expected, partly not.  Everything was very glittery and glamorous.  Yet, it was clear to see why the place has been dubbed “Sin City”.  Yikes. 

The vacation as a whole?  Can best be described as a roller coaster ride.  It had its ups and downs.  It had scary twists and turns.  As well as unexpected dips and drops.  Yet, it was entirely thrilling, and left me with a big smile on my face and unkempt hair.

We were really lucky our first night (morning) in. 

First pull on the quarter slot machine?  $120.  Woo hoo! 

Second machine?  $45.  We were on a ROLL!  The winnings continued throughout the morning.

Then, hot and tired, we decided to cool down with a swim.  Afterwards, we showered, and apparently with the dust and grime, we had washed away our good fortune. 

The generous, loose slots of the morning?  Now hungry and greedy – feeding upon our prior winnings. 


And so it went.  Win, lose, win, lose, win a LOT, lose a lot.

But, we did a lot of really neat things along the way. 

We walked and walked and walked and walked – my feet will never be the same the infamous strip – taking in all the grand sights, sounds, and even smells.  (And this whole time I thought that acrid, floral smell in the deserts dome at the zoo was fake.  Nope.  It’s how the desert really smells.  Who knew?)

We played Blackjack at virtually every casino.  A personal quest of my husband’s.  Check!

We toured the surrounding sights – Hoover Dam!

We donned our dress up clothes one evening for a fancy night on the town.

And all the while we were annoying tourists snapping a bajillion and one pictures lest our memories evaporate with the scorching desert heat.

We even had our “thing that stays in Vegas” moment.  It won’t be discussed here, obviously, since it’s still, you know….in VEGAS.  Let’s just say that mixing a very tired, uncomfortable Mandy with a very eager beaver, “the night’s still young, what’s your problem?” husband – miles away from our hotel at 3 am – VEGAS TIME – is not a good combo.  ahem

Our last night there ended on a good note, though, as we won back the majority of our lost/spent money at the Blackjack tables of the Paris casino.  Our dealer couldn’t have been more fun, either.  A truly great ending to our teeter totter of a vacation.

The luck ended there. 

Coming home after vacation is always suck-a-licious.  I mean, really. 

Back to life, back to reality was our theme song for hours days after returning home.

Bite me, reality.

In the middle of load two of thirtyfivebajillion, our washer decided to conk out. 

Clothes?  Who needs clothes?

Our dryer has been on the fritz for months, and this just confirmed the notion that we needed a new set ASAP.

So, a-shopping we went yesterday.  A-same-day-delivery-fee’ing we went.  A-let’s-get-this-bad-boy-going-since-I-need-clothes-for-this-long-week we went.

A-leaking-all-over-the-thank-God-you-got-a-new-one-drip-pan-the-new washer went.


It’s not all bad, though.  We were blessed with a sweet salesman, and he is taking care of us by having another new set delivered and installed tomorrow.  Whew!

Then last night?  As I was mowing my very. last. littleteenytinypatch of grass by twilight since we had spent so much $&*# time dealing with the washer,  the mower ran out of gas.


In my haste to fill the tank, I grabbed the wrong can of gas from the garage.

(In my defense, both cans are marked “gasoline”, so yell at me all you want, dear, but I don’t think I can really be blamed.)

I poured the oil/gas mix (for the weedeater) into the lawn mower’s tank.  *sigh*

Aaaaaaand, lady luck is just laughing her ass off.






slots - whee!!


Ceasar's Palace

Caesar's Palace


Looking at the Luxor - Everything's so HUGE!

Looking at the Luxor - Everything's so HUGE!


Scenic overlook - on the way to Hoover Dam

Scenic overlook - on the way to Hoover Dam


GULP!  Looking down from the dam

GULP! Looking down from the dam


Snake on the Strip....whaaaa????

Snake on the Strip....whaaaa????


When Lady Luck Smiles

When Lady Luck Smiles


Last day - in front of The Bellagio - waiting for the fountains (my favorite thing)

Last day - in front of The Bellagio - waiting for the fountains (my favorite thing)


Bird's eye view - see ya next time!!!

Bird's eye view - see ya next time!!!

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