Oooh, something shiny!

Here I sit, typing this blog entry from my living room. 

*record screeching*

Yep.  My living room. 

I have joined the 21st century and now own my very own laptop.

Up until this point, I used to have to brave the elements (clutter, excessive heat, dust) in our fabulous “spare” room where our “family” computer resides.  It’s still there, I’m just not.  ha! 


Fresh air!

Human contact!

A fully stocked kitchen just steps away!

Actually, that I could probably do without.  Meh.

All I can say is that my husband is the coolest, since he is the one who bestowed the awesomeness that is this shaaaany, new laptop upon me.

He even paid attention to every feature I had admired about the ones in the store, and wrapped them all up in that photographic head of his to find the perfect one to present to me as a late birthday gift.


Last year, he surprised me with a late birthday present  in the form of my iPod.  Not just any iPod, but a super de duper, tricked out video, bazilliongig iPod.

If my husband is anything, he’s a techie.  A generous techie.

The only thing that is bad about having an uber generous, tech-savvy hubby is the fact that I always come up short on HIS birthday.  Any suggestions?

You’ve got until April.

Kthxbai.  🙂

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Obsess much? aka My ode to Stephenie Meyer


Endless days and nights,

blurring minutes and hours

nose buried in books


House? a disaster

Eyes? strained, yet anxious to keep

reading ’till the end


Thankful for my late

hop onto this bandwagon

Just started last week


If I had started

with the launch of this series?

Might have died waiting


As it is, the books

were gobbled in seven days

Speeding toward the end


Sucked into this world

of magical worlds combined

I was in a trance


Husband likes to tease

Makes fun of my obsession

He doesn’t get it


So many reviews

So many disenchanted

Can’t please everyone


I must be easy,

since I was captivated

Too good to be true


The characters sprang

to life in this stagnant mind

Rendered me smitten


Edward? how perfect

Bella? so precious ~ Jacob?

amusing and pure


What I wouldn’t give

to be an honorary

Cullen for a day


P.S. Stephenie Meyer is my hero.  Seriously.

P.P.S.  The countdown begins to November 21st I can’t wait, my friends.  I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas again. 

And nope.  I’m not ashamed.









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My Birthday Mirror/rorriM yadhtriB yM

Today I am 32.

32 years ago, I made a young lady a “Mom”.  (And she’s done that title proud, I might add.)

For some reason, birthdays always trigger my wee brain to reflect

To reflect on my life, and where it’s taken me.  What remarkable events have taken place in these grand 32 years of mine?  What things would I like to forget?  What’s been left undone?  What parts of myself have I lost in the void?  What do I think of the reflection that looks back at me from my mirror today?

For me, it’s so easy to get sucked into the past and all of its memories.  I am a dweller.  As in, I worry about things when it’s decision time, to the point of over-analyzing them.  (And irritating everyone around me at the time.)  Then, dwelling on whatever decision WAS made, and its impending outcome.  Good OR bad.  I have NO idea why I put myself through this.  But, the cycle is repeated.  Again and again.

So, I  force myself to take pause.  I take stock of what I have in my life right now that can make me smile.  And all that can take my mind off of all the tiresome reflecting.


Because these?

Ice pack up the shirt ~ a sure cooler-offer

Ice pack up the shirt ~ a sure cooler-offer


These goofy girls right here?


NOW I'm glamorous.  I have my scarf.

NOW I am glamorous...I have my scarf.


Are the reason I get up and face that mirror every. single. day.

Thanks girls. 

For your infectious laughter – it is the most beautiful sound to my ears.

For your constant activity – it is what keeps me on my toes.

For your never-wavering love – it is what holds me up.


For your beautiful eyes.

blue eyes

blue eyes - Mommy's match


green eyes

green eyes - Daddy's clone

In which holds the reflection of the perfect love that brought you into this world.

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