Haiku Friday


New job? Going well

Thank you for all the comments

of support and cheers. ūüôā


Schedules are still new

Spare time is a rarity

BUT we are all great


Kae and Noelle have

been extremely flexible

if not supportive


Hubby is just thrilled!

A burden has been lifted

I love the challenge


All the students have

welcomed me with open arms

and resilient minds


All in all I’d say

that the new job is going

as well as I’d hoped


I really do enjoy this new job so far.¬† The girls initially¬†did not want me to go back to work.¬† Though Noelle was too young to remember when I DID work outside the home (she was 1), and Kae had no idea what to expect, they were both hesitant for the change.¬† So was I a little if I’m being truthful.

BUT, so far so good.  The girls both have been doing great at their programs.  Noelle admitted to me that she had always wished she could be part of the AYS crowd, and has been doing great with the program so far.  They are great about working with spelling words there, and she has aced both tests since starting.  Yay!

Kae LOVES her school.¬† I told her teacher that she’d live there if I let her.¬† I fully believe that.¬† When I picked her up last Friday, she said her usual, “I’m coming back tomorrow!” to which I responded that it would be Saturday, and she would not need to attend.¬† Her smile quickly turned into a frown, and she said, “Aw MAN!”¬† The teachers all tell me that she has blended in with the others there so well – it’s like she has been going there for a long time.¬† They asked me yesterday where she was before this.¬† I told them that she was at home with me.¬† They didn’t believe me.¬† I’ll take that as a compliment.¬†

I am still very much adjusting to my new schedule (4:55 am is¬†still snuggling under the covers time…. NOT hopping in the shower time. I don’t care what my alarm clock tells me.¬† YAWN!).¬†I’m also adjusting to¬†what exactly is¬†expected of me.¬† I am one who wants to be on top of things, so that there is no chance of falling behind.¬† I’m also (and I’m ashamed to admit it) SO much more of a follower than a leader.¬† I’m having a bit of a difficult time realizing that I am the go-to person on every. single. question, concern or complaint.¬† Wow is all I can say about THAT. There is no one to pass the buck to.¬† Shucks.¬†

That’s not entirely true. I have been getting loads of help from the director I took over for. She is a great resource, and a truly wonderful person to “have my back” so to speak.¬† SHE is one I would look up to as a director.¬† She’s an “in charge”¬†kind of gal.¬† I’ve made it my duty to myself (and everyone else at this point) to try and fill her shoes as best I can, then make those shoes my own with flair and decorations to suit my tastes.

I am learning so much, but still have so much to learn. 



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Ch. ch. ch. ch. changes

My dear internet friends,

I’ve started this post several times, and can’t seem to finish it.¬† It seems like my brain is in hyper-drive and cruise control all at the same time lately.

Tomorrow I start a new job.  I have been at home with my own kids as well as caring for few others for the past 6 years.

Folks, it’s going to be a huge transition.

But, I’m ready for the change.¬† I’m ready to¬†wring out¬†this brain and shake out all the dust bunnies hiding in the creases.¬†

Although I’ve adored being able to be at home, I have missed being part of the “outside world”.¬† I always knew that I wanted to teach again as I did before I had¬†Noelle 7 years ago.¬† I miss it, and have been looking to fill that void for awhile now.

Easier said than done. The teaching jobs are few and far between around these parts.

Sooo, I’m doing the next best thing.¬†

My new title will be “Director of *AYS” -coming to a school near YOU.¬† Actually, it’s quite close.¬†¬†Though not as close as Noelle’s school would be, I’ll still be close enough to drop her off there in the morning on my way.¬† *AYS stands for¬†At Your School.¬† It is the before and after school care program.

Also, to say that Kae is super thrilled would be a grave understatement.¬† She is so happy to be starting “school” that¬†there aren’t even words.¬† She didn’t want to leave when we “previewed” the place yesterday.¬† “They have BARBIES there, Mommy!¬† But where are all the desks?”¬† ūüôā¬† Next year, dear.¬† It’ll come soon enough.

So, as I’ve been scarce around this – my own little corner of the bloggy world – lately, I will probably be even MORE so starting tomorrow.

Who knows, though? Perhaps all of the brain wringing and shaking will liven me up a little and give me more reason to write.

Until then, be well!¬† I’ll be checking in with you all regularly!


P.S.¬† Be sure to click over in my new page labled “Say WHAT?”¬† I decided to dedicate that space to¬†include all of the silly things my girls crack me up with and share them with you.

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