Worth it

*Not going anywhere cool for spring break, but staying home for part of the time (and doing what we always do, minus being able to pack one off to school) – 0 dollars.





*Visiting the folks in northern Ohio.  (NORTH!  For Spring Break!  There’s just something wrong with that…) – 50 dollars.  (Damn gas prices.)



*Eating some awesome Mexican food at a “cool new place” with Daddy on his lunch break after shopping for houses – 30 dollars.




*Being able to see Daddy for more than one day at a time – priceless.


daddy and girls


*Oh, and spending some quality time with the folks (Grandma B and Grandpa Jim, that is), and witnessing a spontaneous thumb war – also priceless.

G&G thumb war



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Spring has sprung!!

With our spring break in full swing, we’ve been taking full advantage of this outrageously beautiful weather we’re experiencing.

We played outside and cleaned out cars yesterday, and ended with a long walk around the neighborhood.  Bikes were ridden.  Dogs were walked.  Wagons were pulled.  Deep breaths were inhaled.  Smiles were smiled. 

Today was just as great, if not better.  (The only thing missing was Daddy, but we’ll see him later in the week.  yea!)

The girls decided that we should look for a place to eat outside for lunch somewhere.  I thought long and hard about a place that offered such a thing.  (I miss you A&W drive in, Teeny-Tiny Town, Ohio!!)

 We ended up at Qdoba.  Y to the U to the M!!!  The eating outside part only lasted for about 3.2 minutes, though.  It was quite breezy where we were seated, and the sun couldn’t reach us under the awning.   Inside we went, and devoured our burritos and nachos.  *burp*

Afterwards, we headed to the park.  Much fun was had.  Much energy was expended.  (Much sleep tonight?  We’ll see.)


Whee!            Ahhhh!!!



When we arrived home, we donned our planting gear, and did some landscaping.  (Read: Noelle and Kae got out their new gardening utensils, and helped me by playing in the dirt for 2 seconds, then rode bikes with the neighbor kids, stopping occasionally to see how I was doing. )


I\'m ready, Mom!


While we I was busy tidying up my flower beds with my rake, I nudged something in a pile of leaves.  It felt like an animal.  I promptly threw my rake, and screamed like a banshee. 

*In hindsight, it might have been more productive to hold on to my rake to maybe use as protection, but I guess I wasn’t thinking straight at the time.*

As I more closely inspected the animal hopping around, I noticed that it was a bunny.  A BABY bunny.  As in so tiny that its eyes were still closed. 

Aw.  Poor little thing!

I carefully picked up the confused, far-away-from-its-nest-baby-bunny with my gloved hand, and placed it in the nest (that WAS the huge pile of leaves….duh, Mandy!) with its brothers and sisters.   I gathered up the leaves, fur, and other nesting material and snuggled it back down around the shivering babies.  I checked to make sure I hadn’t hurt any of them – I don’t think I did – and gathered up the girls to show them the sweet sight.  They were so excited and adorable about it.  We talked about not touching the nest, and about how the mommy wouldn’t want to come back and take care of them if we bothered the nest too much.  (again – way to go, Mandy!)  It was neat.

It\'s a bunny family!


THEN, on our way back to the front of the house, we noticed a duck sitting under a bush!  The girls began to go right up to her, but after witnessing what we had just witnessed, I knew better.  I told them to stay away, knowing full well that she was protecting a nest. 


Yep.  She was!


Stay BACK!


We got to be excited all over again.

duck nest

Spring, my friends ~ She has sprung. 




I couldn’t be happier.  🙂

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Easter – It’s a good thing

Though it was a very cooooold (and brown) Easter, it was a good one.



The sun graced us with her presence for most of the day. 

And the snow that did fall was beautiful snow. 

Sparkly snow.

(Hopefully the LAST snow.)

The girls were healthy – mostly.  And that always counts for something. 


We were among family and good food.

That counts for a LOT. 

 We colored eggs – always a roaring good time.  😀

And though it’s still cold today, there are signs that spring may be coming soon. 

My tulips are peeking out from their cold, snowy sparkly beds.  (Poor things.)

Buds are peeking out from the trees.

Robins are peeking out from their warm hiding places.

And potential buyers are peeking out (from the proverbial woodwork) – we’ve had more showings than ever this past week!  (Even one yesterday!) Woo hoo!!

So, if Easter brought us anything, it brought us hope.

Which was never really gone in the first place.

 Happy Easter!!!






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