Making a list – checking it twice

I’d like to consider myself a very organized person.

My house and all of its belongings would like to disagree.

Messes disturb me.  In my own house only, though.  They totally don’t bother me in other people’s homes.  Usually.  So, you know.  Don’t think I’m a weirdy, and never invite me over should the chance arise.  heh.

Part of keeping myself organized is for me to make lists. 

Lists, lists everywhere. 



Let’s see.  There’s one in the kitchen, of course.  Grocery list.  Most of it for Noelle’s upcoming 7th (I know!) birthday party this Sunday.

corn on the cob, hamburgers, brats, buns, cake ingredients, ice cream…

Then, there’s the list that’s sitting in front of me right now on the computer desk.  This is my “things to do list”.

call Crapcast to change/reissue username since hubby set up the account, and didn’t tell me what it was, yet he expects me to pay the bill NOT late this time,  pay Crapcast bill, pay other random bills, call insurance (HATE), research plane tickets/ dates for vacation, book vacation, blog about cute things M2 said – “Binominoes” instead of dominoes – ha ha ha snort hee haw, find teaching license to send in for renewal, sort through coupons, pick up softball pictures from the concession stand at M1’s next game…

This list goes on, but I think I’ve bored you enough with its randomness.

Finally, there’s the ever-growing, ever-irritating list that I keep in my head.

Don’t forget to call Mom back.  I needed to tell her that one thing.  What was that one thing?  Oh, and make sure you don’t forget to ask J for the carpet shampooer back.  You need to do that before the party.  Look online for a cute pet themed birthday cake. 

Because that’s what Noelle asked for.  A PET theme.  Okeeeaaay.  That leaves it pretty much wide open. 

Any cute ideas?


All this list review has inspired me to make ONE more list.

I’ve been meaning to do this, and I figure what better time than now – during our little trip through Mandy’s list-making mind?

This here list is a very spaysheeal list.  

It’s a list of all the blogs that have been my longest reads.  I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary of blogging.  (ish.  I don’t reallly feel like I was as devoted to the blog then as I am now, but whatev.  It still counts, right?)

These are the ladies who inspired me.  They’re the ones who are still in my “favorites” pull down list because I’m too lazy to remove them, even though I’ve got everyone all neat and tidy in a reader now. 

*drumroll*  And now without adding further to the time suck that this post is quickly becoming….. here they are in Mand(y)om order:

1) Catherine Newman – She is the very first blog I ever read.  I started reading her WAY back in her beginning days at BabyCenter, have read her sweet book, and have followed her to Wondertime where she resides now.  She also has her own personal blog, which she seldom updates, but is still magnificent. She truly is a treasure, and I always love to read what she has to say.

2) Girls Gone Child – This chickyis an absolutely brilliant writer, who never ceases to amaze me withthe raw and beautiful way she describes her life.  She also posts at Babble with Straight from the Bottle.  Both superb (and daily) reads.

3) moosh in indy. – Another of my firsts.  Brilliantly funny and honest.  Always a treat to read.  I’ve met her IRL, too, and she’s totally wicked awesome.

4) Playgroups are No Place for Children – LURVE.  Her self-deprecating, and brilliant humor make me want more, more, more.  The first one in my google reader, and the most anticipated, since she is so good about posting regularly.  Another of my IRL meet-ups, and she?  rocks my world.

5) The Queen of Shake-Shake– She puts it aaaallll out there, and I love her for it.  I always feel like her posts come at just the right time for whatever is happening in my own life, too.  It’s crazy.  She is honest.  Brutally so, sometimes.  But it’s just right.  So just right.  She cracks me up, makes me cry, causes me to reflect, and even sometimes? to do spit takes. 

6) Good Things –  This girl right here has my heart.  BFF’s since middle school. (!)  She’s my best girlfriend in the whole world, and though she lives far away from me *sniff*, I feel very close to her in my heart.  She’s always known me better than anyone in the whole world – including my husband.  That says a lot right there.  She’s fairly new to the blogging world – again.  She had a blog before I started, but had to delete it for personal reasons.  She’s back now, better than ever.  Seriously.  You should check her out.  She’s mah-velous.


Well, ladies (and gents?), there ya have it. 

I’ve added MANY, many more wonderful blogs to my reader since the good old days of only reading these fabulous gals, but I  thought it only fair to pay homage to the ones who bit me with the blogging bug, and who still inspire me daily.


Ok, I can cross update blog off my “to-do” list, now.

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