Quirks, shmirks

Michelle over at Lede Me On tagged me with a fun meme.  Yay!

The rules are to link the person who sent it to you, mention these rules in your blog, then (the fun part) tell us about 6 random, unspectacular quirks that you possess.  Then tag 6 others to do the same.

I am so very weird quirky that I had to stop and think which ones would be good blog fodder.  

I had a hard time narrowing my list.

In fact, just the other day my mom and I were having a discussion about how I was such a goofy kid with so many weird bedtime requests. 

Making my mom say the word “water-bed” before she left my room every night until I was about 5 was one of them.

I was telling her about some strange and hilarious things my girls were doing, and I got in reply, “Well I seem to recall when YOU were younger….” 

Let’s see…

1) Sheets.  When I put sheets on my bed with any kind of a design, the design must point towards the top  of our bed (headboard).   Swirls must be pointing up, flowers must be pointing up, trees must be pointing up.  I will take them off and redo the whole thing if I notice that I’ve NOT put them on this particular way.

2) Speaking of sheets –  I can NOT fall asleep without being covered by a sheet – at MINIMUM.  I have tried.  Especially on some of these hot nights.  Again, this started in childhood.  I would even strip down to my wonder woman underoos to keep cool, but still required a sheet.  I now love keeping my room cool enough to be able to snuggle down with more than a sheet.  I adore being covered up by many blankets in the winter.  SO comforting. 

3) Dishes.  Must always have a short stay in the cupboard before I use them.  They can never go straight from the dishwasher to the table.  (Or in my hand as I eat over the island/trash can.  *ahem*)  I always have in my head that they’ve got that dishwasher smell, and are somehow cleaner if I let them air out a bit.

4) Shaving.  I must always mow shave my right leg first. 

5) Purse/bags.  I always have to wear my purse or any kind of bag on my right shoulder.  If I try to switch (should my arm begin to beg for mercy), I have to immediately switch it back, because I almost can’t walk it feels so weird.  Same story when I used to carry the kids around.  They always needed to be on my right side. 

6) Speaking of purses…the paper money in my wallet must ALWAYS be in order from largest (in the back) to smallest, and all facing the same direction.  I’m sure I annoy the daylights out of the people behind me in line anywhere when I take my time making sure that it is this way.

Who to tag, who to tag?

How about…

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Wishmaker, wishmaker, make me a wish

I got tagged for my first meme today from the wonderful Michelle over at Lede Me On . 


In this particular meme, you must think of a wish, and post it for all the internets to see.  Hmmm.

What to wish for?  What to wish for?

What SHOULD I wish for? 

Well, here’s what I should wish for… (and I do, of course)


Here’s what I’m really wishing for, though.

Materialistic, selfish, one-track-mind me (because it’s all about me-me).


So, I’m tagging you Jule (and anyone else who feels compelled to post a wish for all to see), to do the same.  Wish to your heart’s desire, then pass it on. 

Here’s the blank template ~


Oh, the fun we’ll have…

Michelle has asked that we link back to Linda at Are We There Yet?  Thanks!

So, if enough people read it, it’ll come true?  At least that’s what all the wish emails I’ve been receiving since the beginning of time have promised.

I’ll keep ya posted…



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