To clip or not to clip?

My husband is cheap. 

He has been cheap since I’ve known him. 

When we first met?  Ok.  It was warranted, since we were living off of meager pay-per-hour jobs salaries, and sometimes splurging on a meal at a nice restaurant meant eating bologna for the next week.

Now, though?  Not so much.

Mind you, we’re not rich by any stretch of the imagination, or even well-to-do.  We manage.  Hubby’s got a good job.  One that even allows me to stay at home.  We’re average.  Middle of the road.  Middle class suburban. 

So, what’s with the panicking over coupons, dearest Husband?  Since when does it make or break a trip out to eat with the family if a coupon can’t be found to the dining establishment of choice?

Because though I understand that $5 is $5, is it worth throwing a fit over?  As if we had just held the winning lotto ticket, but it somehow got thrown away? 

I say not.

I say that being thrifty means not giving into impulse buys.  (Which, I admit, we are bad about.)  It means watching for sales, and shopping at the stores which advertised said sales.  Buying store brand items.  Buying on sale store brand items.  Getting my hair cut at cheapo, disappointing hair salons.  You know, things like THAT.

THESE are the things that I do to save money. 

Saturday, Hubby had a complete meltdown when we went to meet his family at a restaurant that he was certain he’d had a coupon for, and “had just laid it here in this pile of newspapers”.  Alas, it was nowhere to be found.  Honest to God, we almost had to call and cancel our outing. 

I was beside myself.  I said, “$5!  You’re going to throw a fit over $5!!  Seriously?!”  We’re not in college anymore.  We don’t need to decide between eating or paying rent.  We’re BEYOND that, right?

So, in the midst of all this looking for the “misplaced” coupon (I never did see it, so I am led to wonder if it truly existed.) and our arguing about the whole situation, Hubby says to me in a very concerned voice, “What are all these coupons doing here in this pile?!  You haven’t even gone THROUGH these!!!” 

“Um, no.  Not yet.”

“Why NOT?!” 

Um, because I’ve been too lazy, and would rather blog.  I’ve been busy with other things.”

“Do you realize how much money this could save us?”

“No.  Because there aren’t a lot of coupons that I would have put to use.”


Seriously, people.  Am I the only one who dreads the whole clipping coupons, rearranging/throwing out of the old coupons thing? 

I hate it. 

I would rather listen to a monkey sing.  (That actually might be pretty entertaining….but, I digress.)

I just don’t see the worth of it.  I go through them.  And I’ll find maybe, MAYBE one ore two that are worthwhile, several others that are promising, and a MONSTROSITY of a pile to take to recycling.

Waste. Of. My. Time.

And I’d really like to think of myself as a good shopper.  I don’t splurge.  much  I don’t go over budget.  much  I buy mostly store brand things. (Meijer – love it)

I just don’t see what the big deal is over coupons.

Why is Hubby so insistent on this?

Am I alone in thinking that coupons are the pits?


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